Color Trends (and Soundtracks) for 2013

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I have a feeling 2013 is going to bring lots to dance about! And I promise I am finally bringing you my resolutions tomorrow. And believe me, they are SO good I can hardly wait to share them. But today, I have something really GROOVY that you’ve got to see hear!

Right on the heels of my Dream Big and in Color post yesterday, I had to share with you the FAB release by the High Point Market Authority, of 3 of the Hottest Color/Style Trends for 2013 paired with a Music Soundtrack for each by the 3 Top Style Spotters.

The three cultivated music playlists are “Not So Mellow Yellow” by the reigning Style Spotter Lisa Mende, “Simple Black and White” by the previous Style Spotter winner, Traci Zeller, and “The Gold Standard” by Me, the first winner of High Point’s acclaimed Style Spotting contest. (And I’m especially excited because both Lisa and Traci are in my Mastermind Consulting Group~what a trio we are!!)

But before you head over to hear the playlists, I thought I would give you a little visual of some of my favorite examples of these 3 great Style and Color trends.  Isn’t it fabulous how the 3 trends work so well together?!?! I’m happy to say I must have been noticing all 3 for a while, because I already had Pinterest Boards dedicated to each style. Let’s take a look…

Not So Mellow Yellow:

You can see my  “Color Story: Hello Yellow” Pinterest Board here.

Simple Black and White:

You can see my “Color Combo: Black and White”  Pinterest Board here.

The Gold Standard:

You can see my “Color Trend: the Gold Standard” Pinterest Board here.

Now head on over to the playlists and get your groove on! Oh and be sure to check out Lisa’s blog and Traci’s blog to see all the colorful and creative things they are up to.

Happy Listening! xo,


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3 Responses to Color Trends (and Soundtracks) for 2013

  1. Franki Parde says:

    This just gets BETTER and B E T T E R!!! franki

  2. Lisa Mende says:

    So happy to be part of your Mastermind Group! Love you Tobi! Happy New Year! Let’s hope it is a “not so mellow yellow, black + white =gold standard” year for all!!!!

  3. I love the quote at the beginning, I added it to my fave quotes Pinterest page. Thanks for using such great ones.