Are you living your life for you?

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b29c8840505311e3b995125caca955e5_8Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) is almost here and the new year is just around the corner. It is this time of year I always start reflecting on the things for which I am most thankful. On my daily walks when I am admiring the change of seasons, I assess whether I am truly counting my blessings and living a life of gratitude each and every day. It’s hard not to feel blessed with views like these, but that’s the very time I ask myself if I am living out my passion and my purpose the way I had planned for this year.


While pondering these thoughts last week, Kris Carr, an amazing young woman I have followed for a while through her Crazy Sexy Kitchen cookbook and Crazy Sexy Wellness healthy eating regimes and who has been living with stage 4 cancer for 10 years was perfectly re-delivered into my universe. It was not a coincidence.


You see, last week Kris was an added bonus to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with Mark Nepo. And Kris gave me what Oprah would call an A-ha! moment. Here’s what she said…

“I have cancer. I may never be healthy on paper. But I am well.  Life is a terminal condition, we’re all going to die. But how many of us will truly live…for ourselves. Not for our spouse, not for our parent or our careers, not for our illness but truly for ourselves. That’s the golden ticket.”

Kris’s words stopped me in my tracks. It was just another reminder to look at my life and see if I am truly living it. Not for my career. But for me.


I’m still working on my answer. It’s not a simple one. And I will let you know when I have it figured out. But since I have some more work to do on it, you can probably guess that my answer is NOT a resounding yes.


While I’m off on my next walk to think about living my life for me–do tell me, are you living your life for you? And if not, what needs to change?

Let’s get back on track together while we still can. Because as I always like to remind us…life is short.


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7 Responses to Are you living your life for you?

  1. Karena says:

    Tobi how very inspiring!! Your thoughts and Kris’s words will stay with me as I ponder over the next stage of my life.Thank you!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Meredith says:

    Words fail me sometimes….I thought I was going to start with “WOW” but that is totally inadequate to describe the powerful feeling in the pit of my stomach when I read this! As a cancer survivor, I thought I was wonderfully aware of the way I wanted my life to change from the standard sense of
    “living” my life to TRULY LIVING with no compromises and realizing every potential I have. Thank you Tobi, for a reminder that we have to recognize and honor our deepest
    soul in order to truly LIVE. I am off to reconnect with who I am meant to be.

  3. Beth-Anne says:

    Thank you, Tobi. I needed to read those words today.

    With appreciation,

  4. KATHYSUE says:

    So true Toby. For me I have to live my life for God or I am out of sync with what is at my core beliefs. I do get the point though, especially with blogging. I have seen more and more lately people blogging about what they think people want them to say and not what they want to say and they are truly not enjoying it at all. I have gone back to blogging and writing about what I enjoy writing about and I am having fun once again. We often need to re-group and get back to our core beliefs and balance our lives. Hard to do but necessary.

  5. Jane says:

    Not quite living my life for me yet, but trying to find it.


  6. franki says:

    Powerful! franki

  7. Jessica Arnold says:

    Tobi, you are such a REAL person. You are like the Oprah of Interior Design, yet you come across as my sister, or my best friend. Thanks so much for your post! it is inspiring!