A Magazine Cover and Mid-Year Resolutions

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Well, It’s July. That’s right. We’re half way through 2013 and that’s a perfect time to check into our New Year’s Resolutions and see if we are still on track. We all know that about 90% of people have fallen off the wagon by now.

If your resolutions involved weight loss, you might enjoy my cover story for AY Magazine that’s all about my 40 pound weight loss over the last 2 years. Plus two other inspiring Arkansans and their weight loss stories are featured in this Good Health issue. Believe me, nothing “looks” better on a person than feeling great, and I feel at least 10 years younger than I did just a few years ago. So don’t miss the details in AY’s July issue.


As for my resolutions, they involved several exciting new firsts for me this year all based on my Word of the Year…Inspired. If you want a reminder of what my goals were for this 2013, you can read my Resolutions post from January right here.

I hope you’ll pull out your resolutions and meet me here Tomorrow. I’ll be back then to tell you how I am doing so far this year and what my big plans are for finishing strong in 2013. You can do a self-assessment of your goals then too. And I’ll have some tips, sources and other helpful hints for helping you finish strong this year. Or if you haven’t started, what are you waiting for? I’ll give you my top tips for jump starting your success this week. It’s not to late for a few mid-year resolutions. Let’s do this together.

See you tomorrow!


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6 Responses to A Magazine Cover and Mid-Year Resolutions

  1. I can’t keep track of all the magazines out there now:) I’d say you are right on track with your resolutions. You have found yet another way to expand your business, which is what a good entrepreneur does to keep it going strong. One of my goals was to visit more show houses…not going well. Another was to sign up for E-coaching, which I will do as soon as I can…and then maybe next year attend your MBA camp. Weight loss for me is getting beyond the 20 pounds I lost over this past winter. Glad to see it made you feel better.

  2. paige ward says:

    Great color on you & still love the green chairs! That Quote is ME!!!I am a project gal, not much on resolutions…. Something about Project TTD’s keep me focused & don’t mess with my self esteem like resolutions that never happen do….

  3. Karen Albert says:

    Tobi a huge congratulations! I am having such a difficult time getting ten pounds off which would at least be a start!

    2013 Designer Series

  4. Franki Parde says:

    Knock em dead! franki

  5. Fabulous cover and you look great. Congrats on achieving your goals!

  6. You look fabulous!!! Love the pink and green too.