A Bit Under the (Cold Arkansas) Weather

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So sorry to tease you with my return from vacation and then not give you any fun details, insights or inspirations from my trip!

The truth is that I returned home to freezing temps and a sinus infection so I’m nursing myself back to 100% while trying to stay warm and catch up on hoards of emails, client work, and more. Isn’t it crazy how so often when you finally take time off from work that’s the very moment you get sick? It’s like your body takes the window of opportunity to show you that you are more overworked and worn down than you thought.

Well ok body, I’m listening. So friends, bear with me for just a bit longer. I promise to bring you real content soon and tell you about my trip to Germany next week. Who has time to be sick?…Not ME!

Ciao from my electric blanket and hot cut of tea…


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p.s. I do have to get out of bed tomorrow at least for a bit to make my monthly appearance on Good Morning Arkansas. So check back tomorrow to see my segment all about Fretwork.

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4 Responses to A Bit Under the (Cold Arkansas) Weather

  1. Shani Gilchrist says:

    Feel better, friend!

  2. Franki Parde says:

    I know exactly what you’re talking about!! Auf Wiedersehen. franki

  3. Sorry to hear you are under the weather! Hope you start to feel better soon. Glad to know you are taking care of yourself!

  4. Hope you very much better soon!