28 Days of Love: Day Twenty – Vine (The App)

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28 Days of Love: Vine (The App)

Today, I’m shouting out my LOVE for Vine! This new app is SO much fun to tinker with; I really can’t get enough. To follow my Vine posts, you can follow me on Vine and Twitter, @tobifairley. These little stop-motion videos are like Instagram only more dynamic! I love thinking-up new ideas for videos, I love creating and sharing them, and I LOVE seeing what others are doing on Vine.

Yesterday, I overheard someone say “Just what the world needs: another social network. Bah humbug!,” but that’s not how I feel at all! I think every innovative new platform is an opportunity to see the world through another person’s eyes! And that’s what each and every Vine video does: it takes me into someone else’s mind to see what they think is funny or adorable or interesting or worthy of notice. And what they post inspires what I am moved to post, so it creates an amazing interchange of ideas and images. And it’s fun!

And what seeing the world from a different perspective leads me to, always, is the vine (or thread) of connection that unites us all.

So, if ever you’re tempted to pish-posh social networking, consider the value (when not over-used or mis-used) it can offer for building a sense of community, other-awareness, and empathy with people young and old, nearby and far away. And…don’t underestimate the fun and inspiration to be had!





p. s. Speaking of connecting through social media…join me tomorrow, February 21st, at 1pm CST for a Twitter Chat on the Top Five Marketing Mistakes to Avoid! I’ll also be answering your frequently-asked questions about my Camp Tobi Fairley event: #DesignerMBA!

To join us, just log-in to your Twitter account and follow the hashtag #DesignerMBA to see only relevant interactions on our topic. I also love to use tweetchat.com for this kind of conversation! I’ll see you there.

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