28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Two – Date With Destiny

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Earlier this year, I shared with you that one of my BIG dreams of 2013 is to attend Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny conference along with my dad; so today I’m sending out into the universe my LOVE for this event! Of course Mr. Robbins has inspired so many people through his seminars, books, etc, and I have distinct memories of feeling inspired by him even when I was just a teen!

I especially love the deep meaning behind the name of the event: Date with Destiny. What that says to me is that you DO have a destiny, you DO have a potential inside you waiting to be fulfilled, BUT! it’s a date. And, like any other date in your whole life, you have to show up for that date! Each and every day, you have to show up for your destiny. Show up to the full potential of what you can become! This is a profound message, and it really hits home for me.

How will you show-up for YOUR date with destiny? How will you prepare yourself to embrace your ultimate reality? So cool, right? I can’t wait!


p.s. Could attending one of my Camp Tobi Fairley events be part of YOUR destiny this year? Do you want to be inspired and gain confidence in your design skills or your business strategies? Join me and let’s embrace our destinies together!!

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