28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Three – Ideas for an Organized Bathroom

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Today, I’m loving an idea…

You already KNOW that I consider an organized home an essential to self-care.

You already KNOW that I’m more inspired by solutions than by just about anything else in the whole wide world.

You already KNOW that your bathroom is one place in your home where TONS of little tiny things tend to accumulate in drawers, baskets, bags, cluttered onto shelves, etc. It can be a gunky, goopy, hard-to-find-anything-at-the-last-critical-minute-before-leaving-the-house-in-the-morning MESS!

That’s why I’m LOVING these great solutions for organizing bathrooms, which I’ve found all over Pinterest!

So, what lesson can we learn from bathroom organization? Yep, there definitely is one.

We often talk about our bedrooms as our sanctuaries of rest and relaxation, right? I know this rings 100% true for me. Whether I’m unwinding alone at the end of a long workday, or whether I’m all snuggled-in with my family watching TV and giggling and talking, my bedroom is my happy place. But, if you think about the “anatomy” so-to-speak of a house, the bathroom is definitely even more personal than your bedroom. Now, I’m talking about YOUR bathroom. Not the powder bathroom just off the entry, or the guest bath that only gets used by Aunt Suzy during the holidays. YOUR bathroom, ok? It’s the only place that many of us are (almost) always alone and stripped-down (literally and figuratively). And because of this it’s a vulnerable place and very private. A kind of inner sanctum?

And what we do there is prepare for rest at the end of the day and prepare to go out and meet the world at the start of the next. We can almost imagine that the bathroom is a place of ritual (people often speak of a “morning ritual” right?) and the bathroom as an important space for that reason. SO! If your bathroom–your inner sanctum–is chaotic and cluttered, how is it serving you as the single most private space in your life? What does it reflect about how what you want for yourself, rather than what you want for others? Interesting, huh?

And to take this even further…think for a moment about your innermost self, your most private part of your self, the “bathroom” of your mind and spirit. Is it chaotic? Do you feel like every situation you encounter throws you into a new emotion, high or low, loud or quiet, silly or serious? OR…is that innermost self an orderly, peaceful place no matter what the day brings?

The calm in your heart…To cultivate this kind of peace, of course, is a discipline and a journey, not a perfection to be achieved. But I think: worth it. 100%!


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One Response to 28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Three – Ideas for an Organized Bathroom

  1. Dear Tobi…we briefly met in Marrakech…How do you do it all? I work non stop, travel quite a bit, run a house and DREAM of a perfect bathroom such as the ones i design for my clients. My bathtub is my sanctuary with airjets when needed, love taking a steam at night, in the winter. My husband even installed a TV in the bathroom, so by the end of a movie, my hands and feet look like a prune. But when it comes to organizing the ever growing make up (When bored in airports, i keep on trying and buying make up, perfume, creams…) perfume, jars, oils, soaps, medicine…I just give up in defeat. Your post is a WAKE UP call, I must get rid of all the products i do not use, go through all the drawers and start…organizing….scary thought. Where does one find all these clever clear mini shelves etc…?