28 Days of Love: Day Twenty One – Olioboard

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Today, I’m LOVING Olioboard! This amazing online design tool is changing the way SO many designers–both professionals and hobbyists–create gorgeous interiors and show off their signature styles! Olioboard can be used to create inspiration boards, to pull digital images of furnishings into a real photo of the space you’re designing, and to show future residents and users of a space what your vision is! I’ve even seen designers create stunning renderings (in half the time it usually takes) by tracing an Olioboard they’ve created. I’m telling you: the possibilities are endless!

Lisa Mende Design/Aqua Delight

(Olioboard by Lisa Mende of Lisa Mende Design)

It also give designers a virtual workshop that they can sit-down to each and every day to exercise their design skills, whether they’re working on a “real” project or not. Olioboard is for the interior designer what a blank sheet of paper and a pen is to a writer. It’s all you need to get down to work, to be faithful to your practice of your craft, to show-up to the work you’re driven by passion to do, to invite inspiration to come for a visit!

As you may know, Olioboard is a sponsor of all of my Camp Tobi Fairley events, for which I’m so grateful! Right now they are running a HUGE contest to give away FREE tickets to my upcoming camp: The Journey to Getting Published! Want to know more about the event? Click HERE. To enter to win one of those tickets and attend for free, check out the contest on Olioboard.com! Happy designing!



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2 Responses to 28 Days of Love: Day Twenty One – Olioboard

  1. ooooh, I love Lisa’s board !

  2. Lisa Mende says:

    Thanks Tobi for sharing my Olioboard board! And Thanks Tammy for your kind remark! I love Tobi, and Olioboard!!!! Winning combination!!!