28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Four – Hazelwood Soap Co. Versatile Wash

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Today I’m loving the Hazelwood Soap Company’s Versatile Wash. It was my dear friend Kathryn Greeley who first gave me this soap; it’s from a family business local to her area of North Carolina. One really neat service they provide is customized labels for all of their products, and–as I’ve mentioned a time or two this month–I LOVE personalization. So, Kathy’s keeping me fully-stocked in the Versatile Wash and I am hooked! The soap itself is very mild, and it has these little jojoba beads in it that give you just enough scrub action to feel really and truly clean: grime gone!

Any time I use this great soap it gets me thinking about the whole process of shedding skin and when I think about life instead of just thinking about skin I realize that just like keeping your skin fresh and soft and clean requires a little scrub, it’s the tough parts of life (difficult choices, painful transitions, uncomfortable new situations) that really help us glow after they pass. I guess you could choose to go through life avoiding any kind of struggle or discomfort, but the no-resistance path isn’t likely to help you be your best self. So I choose scrub. Grit. An ongoing process of changing and growth.


So, scrub on and reveal a glowing new you!





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