28 Days of Love: Day Thirteen – Fur Hat

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Okay, okay, I KNOW that I live in Arkansas and that I won’t be needing a fur hat again ANY time soon but surely some of YOU are still bundled-up tight. I found this one at Saks Fifth Avenue and I’m in LOVE!

In my business consulting, I am usually trying to push people OUT of their comfort zones into their “growth” zones, even when it’s painful. But there’s also a perfect time for comfort zones and that’s when we’re focused on self-care. As professionals or parents or just very busy people we MUST create an emotional “home base” for ourselves to retreat to. Part of that is being physically comfortable and indulging in small luxuries to express our self-love.

So whether it’s time, a place, or a thing that takes you “home” to your personal sense of peace, find it and indulge yourself. Then you’ll be all restored and ready to work outside your comfort zone, bolder and better than ever!


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One Response to 28 Days of Love: Day Thirteen – Fur Hat

  1. Love today’s inspirational blog! Sending you some sunshine from Palm Beach!