28 Days of Love: Day Sixteen – The “I Rock!” Rock

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Today, I’m loving this inspirational rock that a good friend and colleague of mine shared with me. She says she sees this rock every morning, shouting its support at her from sink-side, and it always reminds her to take a minute and cheer herself on first thing, while she’s brushing her teeth.

We do a LOT of self-work around here. We set goals and create vision boards and task lists and we think a lot about where we headed; I think a lot about who I am becoming. So it’s especially important to find special ways (like the “I Rock!” rock) to remind myself that I’m great/amazing/incredible/beautiful/smart/fun (just like YOU are) in this very moment, just as I am. And all the LOVE in the world coming at you from others is greatly diminished unless you know that you are worthy of that love, unless you love yourself OUTLOUD! How fun to have a “rah-rah” moment and touch base with the part of you that sees your own greatness and individuality!

So, however you do it, find some time each day to take a sec to toot your horn and give a little “I Rock!” shout out to Yourself. And just shove that nasty old self-defeating self-talk out of the way, because you are amazing!




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