28 Days of Love: Day Seventeen – Yin Yoga

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You already know that I LOVE yin yoga! But this way of practicing yoga has made such a difference in my body and in my life that I just can’t stop raving about it. The big difference between yin and other mainstream yoga schools is that 1) the poses focus more on flexibility of the connective tissue in your body and 2) you hold each pose much longer than in other types of yoga practice. Stacey, my yoga instructor, talks about keeping the stretch of each pose in a zone between comfort and your edge. So, it’s supposed to be uncomfortable but not excruciating. And, she says, getting to know your “edge” and learning how to communicate and connect with it as it changes day to day is a MAJOR component of yin practice.

I think so much productivity in every aspect of life happens in this same growth zone between discomfort and pain. Does this resonate with you, too? Staying in completely comfortable and safe is not going to lead to growth. But neither is living so far on the edge that you risk potentially crippling yourself for future growth.

Gotta love yin yoga and the lessons it brings to all parts of life. Namaste.


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