28 Days of Love: Day Nine – Zafu Meditation Cushion

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Nope, I didn’t say snafu..I said Zafu!! A Zafu is a meditation cushion that looks like a giant pincushion (the larger mat pictured here is a companion product that offers additional support). The Zafu helps keep your body aligned properly while sitting for long stints of meditation. I’ve been doing yoga for years and have been a devotee from day one, but I hadn’t embraced meditation until just a few months ago and I’m already hooked! It can be a very VERY difficult discipline to develop. Shutting off that internal chatter box, bringing your attention to your breath and finding your “zone” of peace.  But trust me–it’s 100% worth it.

Meditation can be scary and intimidating to some people: “What happens if I turn off this noise in my head?! Do I disappear? Or worse?!” Others think it is just SO BORING!! But I am here to tell you it is neither. It is Bliss. And recognizing the “you” that speaks to you in your head as only one part of YOU is one of the keys to true awareness and peace. Wayne Dyer says “Don’t believe everything you think” And the practice of meditation–aside from the peace you find in the moment–is also like practice or training for those times in the midst of lots of external noise that you need to be able to tap into your personal quiet and personal power and stop listening to all the drama and self-defeating things your mind often tells you. So…

And today is the perfect day for it because it’s “Self care Saturday!” So pull up a Zafu and let’s just breathe.


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  1. I love to meditate and i believe that it is very important that we are comfortable with our positions. For me, i use these cushions help me to be comfortable with my positions and in return i get what i am to get with my meditation process.