28 Days of Love: Day Five-Spotify

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Whether I’m in a creative zone, a cardio zone, or in the mom zone, I am always using music to tap-in to the right mood. Classical music does it for me for office work; Melody Gardot does it for inspired design (or YOGA!); and I love a fast-paced track for treadmill time. No matter what mood I’m in, Spotify is my go-to source for music these days, especially because you can create playlists of your own (or find great ones other people have created!) and then when you have burned-out on your own playlists you can just tune in to a radio station based on that playlist and hear great tunes you may have never heard otherwise! Yay Spotify! I’m loving it.

And my love for music runs much, much deeper than just keeping step on the treadmill. I believe that it–more than most other forms of entertainment–touches a part of our spirits that is unique and expressive and pure. And, as millions of people have seen because of this YouTube video, it is such a big part of us that it can actually HEAL. If you haven’t seen this, check it out!

So, turn on the tunes and get in touch with your inner light!


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2 Responses to 28 Days of Love: Day Five-Spotify

  1. Judith Presgrove says:

    Oh, Tobi, thank you for sharing this inspiring video! It was woderful to see and hear how much this man was transformed by music. How powerful!
    My you be blessed with a beautiful day!!

  2. Angie says:

    Tobi, I just stumbled upon this post on Pinterest. As an avid music lover, I love this story. Thank you for sharing. It is amazing how music can move anyone.