28 Days of Love: Day Eleven – Kate Spade Bracelet

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I don’t know about you, but  I’m LOVING this Kate Spade bracelet! Colorful jewelry with a bold message: that’s MY kind of bauble. From a business perspective this message, “sweeten the deal,” rings 100% true in my experience. I grew up with my dad quoting the Zig Ziglar quote below to me CONSTANTLY (he and my mom are both guru lovers from waaaaay back, so, see? I come by it honestly!). And I’ve found it also couldn’t be more true about personal relationships, too! Giving of yourself and realizing other peoples’ desires and dreams is critical to both your business success and personal fulfillment. Of course, it’s unhealthy and codependent to become so absorbed in the wants/wishes/needs of others that you lose your own, but using your own resources and personal power as a way to serve others is a universe magnet that will bring you fulfillment of your own!

Who are you going to give a leg-up? Do it with a sincere heart and a clear sense of self, and you’ll bring great things into your life!


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One Response to 28 Days of Love: Day Eleven – Kate Spade Bracelet

  1. Kim says:

    I bought two similar Kate Spade’s for my nieces at Christmas time…..they loved them!