28 Days of Love: Day Ten – Votivo Travel Candles

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Today, I’m sharing my LOVE for Votivo travel candles! Votivo has a huge variety of amazing scents, and they offer them in this handy dandy travel size! “Why a travel candle?” you might ask. Well, because of my 100% commitment to self-care, personal nurturing and daily meditation/journaling time–and because I am one very busy lady–I often have to take the “show on the road” so to speak. That’s right! Self-care is not just a priority when it’s convenient, it’s a priority for me every day of the year! So, while I’m traveling to New York City this week, you can bet I’ll be striking a match to light a great-smelling candle and taking ME time in my hotel room. After all, a 100% commitment is the only way to make these new practices a part of my life in a way that I feel no struggle!

How do you make time for yourself when you travel?


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One Response to 28 Days of Love: Day Ten – Votivo Travel Candles

  1. Karen T. says:

    I like to get a bouquet of fresh flowers for my hotel room or suite. The hotel usually has a vase that you can borrow. If not, I buy an inexpensive one. It is really worth it!

    Karen T.