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I’m Your Color Trend Scout!

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Happy Halloween, everyone! Yesterday I was on Good Morning Arkansas talking all about color trends that I saw at High Point Market! Watch the video:

Want more inspiration for how to use these trending colors? Check out my Pinterest board on each one! Just click on the image of the board you want to see.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.33.47 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.33.57 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.34.10 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.36.07 AM

And! If your ears perked-up during the segment when I mentioned my creativeLIVE workshops, visit my creativeLIVE instructor page to see all of the offerings by CLICKING HERE.  By following that link you can sign up to watch the upcoming courses FREE during taping OR you can purchase the “Using Color in Home Design” for a steal!

Are you seeing these colors EVERYWHERE too? I’m going to be bringing you more of my take on High Point Market trends–beyond color–soon.


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This Too Shall Pass…

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It has been far too long since I have written any heartfelt blog posts. It’s been over a week since I’ve written anything at all. And just last week I had a comment from a reader on my blog asking me for great design and inspirational life posts again and less about my classes, courses and comings and going. She was tired of me “hawking my wares” or selling my intellectual property and she was yearning for my creativity and insights. And you know what—I was TOTALLY not offended. In fact, I am grateful for her honesty.


I agree with her 100% that we need more creative posts and life lessons here again. And nothing would make me happier than to have time to write more as I have so many, many things to say. Plus writing is therapy for me and with all that’s going on in my life, this gal could certainly use a bit of therapy. But for what it’s worth, when I write about life, I get many, many comments from readers not wanting “therapy” because they only came here for a dose of design. So what I have learned for sure is this…I can’t please everyone and I just have to do what feels right in my heart and best supports my schedule and my family.

But what I want you to know is this: I am in a period of “very busy” at the moment, so blogging has been relegated to the proverbial “back burner” for just a little while longer.  In the meantime, I thank you for allowing me in sharing the many things going on and that are for sale from Tobi Fairley, Inc. At the least I want you all to know of the wonderful things I am working on because they just might add value to your life. And whether or not you ever invest in any of our offerings, I am grateful you meet me here on the blog to see what’s on my plate and the exciting things we have created thanks to requests and needs from many of you. The teaching and mentoring work I am doing really is important and it really is changing lives. I know that from the amazing thank you emails and letters I receive every single week. So though I won’t stop telling you about it all here on the blog or selling our valuable tools, I do hope to balance it better. After all, my goal is this–Life, Business, and Design. All three in perfect harmony.

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But for those of you wanting more right now, you’re in a bit of luck. Yesterday while sitting on a plane traveling across the country heading home, I decided to steal just a moment here for a bit of inspiration and motivation…You asked for it, so I hope you like it. And whether this resonates with you or not, I thank you for indulging me in a bit of story-telling…

You see, just last wednesday when I was walking my neighborhood to try to keep some semblance of balance to this crazy life of mine before hopping a plane and on to the next adventure in San Francisco, I was listening to one of my favorite teachers of all time, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and his amazing book Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

Dr. Dyer has a way of speaking directly to my soul, which I know is no accident. And he is definitely changing my thoughts and adjusting my attitude during my daily exercise regimen of late with his great book. It is like his words come directly from the mouth of the divine—and I suspect they do.  That day was no exception–the take-away was a doozy. Here’s what Dr. Dyer said…”This too shall pass”.

Did you hear that? This too shall pass. Profound, huh? And yes I know we’ve heard that a million times. This too shall pass. Yet what a relief and sense of calm these words brought to me.  I took a bit of solace knowing that my uber-busy, don’t even have time to write a blog, schedule will pass. But I simultaneously felt a wave of bittersweet. Because “This too shall pass” also means the exciting experiences from yoga with Mastin Kipp, Oprah’s Life Class, teaching with House Beautiful and creativeLIVE not to mention the fabulous cities these experiences brought me to like San Francisco, New York, Dallas, and Chicago will also pass. Every single one of them will pass in the blink of an eye. Wow!


In Dr. Dyer’s infinite wisdom from his study of the famous ancient text the Tao de Ching or lovingly called “The Tao” (and pronounced Dow), I have gained many life-changing ideas and I will tell you about more of them soon.

But for today, I am wallowing (in a good way) in the “This too shall pass” idea. In fact it has become my mantra over the last week. And I’m soaking up every last drop of fun from my exciting experiences to the amazing people I get to spend time with. And then the coming back home after traveling to soak up every last smidge of my little girl!


It is a privilege, responsibility, and obligation to share my talents and gifts with the world. And using my thoughts and words to inspire people is what gets me out of the bed everyday. It’s what makes me get on a plane, and leave my house, and my warm comfy bed with the world’s best sheets, and my dogs, and my hubby, and my daughter, and my mom, and my friends, and my blog, and so very much more for living out of a suitcase and a hotel and eating out every meal. But don’t think for a second, that these aren’t “pinch me” sort of moments I’m living. Sharing my talents and my knowledge is definitely my “WHY?” And I am not going to waste another minute not relishing my WHY while I think of all the other things I “should” be doing. Because (with a lump in my throat) I know without a doubt, that this too—all this glorious “this”…it too shall pass.


So thank you for understanding that my life is a bit wild for a little while. But is also a bit A LOT fabulous–if only for a little while. And I promise to be back with you soon sharing more of my design finds, my new home renovation, and my amazing and challenging life journey and Ah-ha moments. But for now, for just this tiny moment in time, I am living life to its fullest, spending any free moments with my 8-year-old cutie pie soaking up her sweetness and taking her with me when I can and all the while trying to maintain my health and happiness along the way. And the good news is—it’s working—all the balls are somehow safely in the air! But I know…this too shall pass.

So here’s wishing you all the happiness and joy in your life experiences right now knowing that both the good and bad part will soon pass. I hope you cherish these fleeting moments and look to them with love and gratitude for they will soon be just a tiny speck in your rear-view mirror.  And please know I am grateful for your support of my life’s journey, even when I am not here every day to tell you so. And I thank you–all of you–who read this little blog, and who take the time to come up and say Hi in person when I come to your cities. And for those of you who invest in what we are creating and selling. Each of you are important to me. And it means so much!

So there you have it—a fantastic attitude adjustment for me from a faithful reader’s comment and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Oh how I love a good attitude adjustment. And maybe, just maybe, you got one today too.

Written with love from 40,000 feet on a plane back from San Francisco—one of my favorite cities in the world. And today I’m so grateful to be back at my home sweet home.


Bye for now-


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My creativeLIVE Course is for YOU!

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A couple of weeks ago I announced my exciting new partnership with House Beautiful and creativeLIVE. In case you missed the news, I’m going to be offering a workshop on “Using Color in Home Design.” Today I want to explain how there’s a way for each and every one of you to participate if you want to get my tips on  how to use color in your home for a fabulous result!

Also, let me give you a better idea of the topics we will cover:

Day One

Color 101: Understanding Color Theory Basics

Debunking Color fears and Building Your Color Confidence

Finding Your Personal Color Style: A Tobi Fairley Case Study

Color and Design Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Day Two

Tobi’s Color Inspiration: Making the Leap from Ordinary to Extraordinary

The Psychology of Color: Moods, Meaning and the Mind

Choosing the Right Color for the Right Room

Pairing Color, Pattern and Texture with Success

Day Three

Tobi’s Top Color Palettes and Tips for Creating Unique Color Combinations

Layering and Transitioning Color Palettes in Your Home

The History of Color in Design: from Tried and True to New and Now

Tobi’s Top Ten Color Mistakes to Avoid


Sounds exciting, right? I really can’t wait. 

Here are the THREE ways you can get involved:

1) Join me in my LIVE studio audience:


2) Register to watch all of the workshop sessions for FREE in real time on October 25, 26, and 27 by clicking HERE.

3) After the course is over, if you weren’t able to join me during the taping, you will be able to purchase the videos online!

I know you won’t want to miss this training, I created it just for YOU!


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More Fabulous Guests at Getting Published!

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I have BIG news about the Getting Published event I’m hosting in December! We are honored to have two MORE publishing superstars sharing their wisdom and advice: Beth Brenner and Michelle Adams, the brilliant women behind the re-vamp and re-launch of Domino magazine!

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams

Beth Brenner

Beth Brenner


In addition to our already-amazing lineup of experts and personalities (not to mention high-powered content) having these ladies join us virtually for a discussion is really just the icing on the cake! This training event is going to be THE place to be if you’re looking for inspiration and guidance on breaking through in the world of print and online publications. Can you tell how excited I am?!

To learn more about the Getting Published and Social Media Strategy “sister” events we have in the works for December, CLICK HERE.


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p.s. Two quick reminders for you:

#1 If you love my blog, please vote for me in the Lamps Plus Best Home Blog 2013 Contest. Each time you vote (up to 1 time each day) you’ll be entered to win a $500 Shopping Spree at the Lamps Plus online store. Just follow THIS LINK to the contest page.

And #2 time is running out for you to sign up to be a member of my virtual audience for a FREE live training on creativeLIVE. To learn more about how to enroll in my workshop on Using Color in Home Design, CLICK HERE.

Tobi Fairley & Associates thanks our event sponsors:

Think Tank is Underway!

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I’m so inspired this morning to be kicking off my first on-the-road training, Tobi’s Think Tank! An exclusive group of 15 amazing and powerful designers is working with me today at the O. Henry Hotel on transforming their core business practices and visions so that they can achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of! They have all carved one day out of their time at High Point Market to buckle down with me and get my no-holds-barred take on what this industry demands!


I am also so grateful for the support of our amazing sponsors: Madcap Cottage, C.R. Laine, Bernhardt, Kravet, and The Gilded Stag!

This event is sure to make my High Point experience even more dynamic and exciting than usual! I’ll be keeping you posted!


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p.s. Two quick reminders for you:

#1 If you love my blog, please vote for me in the Lamps Plus Best Home Blog 2013 Contest. Each time you vote (up to 1 time each day) you’ll be entered to win a $500 Shopping Spree at the Lamps Plus online store. Just follow THIS LINK to the contest page.

And #2 time is running out for you to sign up to be a member of my virtual audience for a FREE live training on creativeLIVE. To learn more about how to enroll in my workshop on Using Color in Home Design, CLICK HERE.