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Design On the Move!

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Little Rock skies have cleared and the sun is shining! To see this morning’s KATV segment all about how to move into a new home with minimum stress and maximum excitement, then visit my Facebook page (and be sure to “Like” us while you’re there!). CLICK HERE!

And to get the Top Ten Moving Tips I mention in the segment, follow THIS LINK! I hope they help you get off to a great start in your new place.

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So many goodies, so little time, right?!

And it just may so happen that someone (who, me?) just might be making a move soon, too! Here’s a glimpse at some inspiration I’ve been collecting on my Pinterest boards for spaces that are inspiring the future of my new home.

Design: Raúl Martins

January/February 2011 issue of VERANDA. Design: KELLI FORD AND KIRSTEN FITZGIBBONS

Design: Greg Natale

Design: Phoebe Howard


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The sale is still hopping over at Joss & Main, too, at my Curate for a Cause Tag Sale . It benefits the great cause of Dwell with Dignity, an organization helping homeless and impoverished people have better and more beautiful homes and lives. They even put food on the table for these less fortunate and very deserving people. So head on over and do some SHOPPING for a great cause. And if are one of those moving in the busy month of August, you can pick up a few great things for your new home!

Tobi’s Tips on Good (Rainy) Morning Arkansas

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32bca323b687c980cf4dc4d8caa46d5eI’m heading down to the Good Morning Arkansas studio this rainy morning for my monthly segment.

August is the busiest month of the year for buying new homes and moving–did you know that? Well I am going to bring you my favorite tips for making your move easier and keeping your gorgeous belongings in tip-top shape in the process.


Check back here later for my segment and my tips. And don’t forget the Designers at Home book giveaway we have going on. You can leave a comment here to be entered.

See you a little later. xo,

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P.S. (Oh and it’s a BIG P.S.)–there is still time to Shop my Curate for a Cause Tag Sale with Joss and Main. It benefits the great cause Dwell with Dignity helping homeless and impoverished people have better and more beautiful homes and lives. They even put food on the table for these less fortunate and very deserving people. So head on over and do some SHOPPING for a great cause. And if are one of those moving in the busy month of August, you can pick up a few great things for your new home!

Photostyling Before and After: My Dining Room (and a bit of giving back with Joss and Main)

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IMG_1155bHi Everyone! I’m back with a peek at my re-styled Dining Room today. I loved making this space look gorgeous for Ronda Carman‘s book Designers at Home. This one is purely for “Entertainment Value”–pun intended.


I didn’t mix any of the permanent furnishings up in this room for the shoot, but rather styled my table with my Tobi Fairley Home Faux Bois fabric, great chargers from Dransfield and Ross, pink dotted and milk glass vintage glassware, and my favorite antique dishes, a gift from my friend Kathy Greeley.


I love how the mixture of the new and old dishes including the Wedgewood White plate and the Marc Blackwell striped charger makes my traditional Hickory Chair dining furniture, much less serious!

Here at my top 3 tips for gorgeous entertaining at home…

1. Don’t be afraid to use the good china even if it’s not a special occasion. What are you waiting for? Everyday is special enough to treat you and your friends with care. So go on–unpack that gorgeous china today!

2. Be sure to mix it up! Mixing old and new, expensive treasures and budget finds, gold and silver…anything goes as long as you have a plan. Find unifying elements like a fabric or your floral arrangement to tie the whole look and color scheme together.

3. Treat with a treat. I love to buy a goodie for each guest and wrap it up with gorgeous trimmings. Everyone loves to feel special, yet it need not be expensive to be thoughtful. So don’t break the bank, but do take the time and effort to give your guests a gift. They deserve it and you will feel like a superstar when you see their excitement.

So here’s my how my Dining Room looked before the festive table setting and that pop of pink.


The re-styled version of this space was just featured in a full page spread of the August 2013 issue of Texas Home and Living with a few other great images from Ronda’s book–how exciting! You can see TH&L’s digital edition here.


So what do you think about the way I spruced up my Dining Room? Isn’t it amazing how the punch of pink makes this room lively and fun?  I love to going to the trouble to make my entertaining just perfect.

And speaking of making things just perfect–that’s what Dwell With Dignity does for many homeless and impoverished people. One of my favorite Charities, Dwell with Dignity does room makeovers for those in need. They even put food on the table for these less-fortunate individuals. Amazing, right?

Well I am very THRILLED to announce that I have curated a charity tag sale with Joss and Main and it’s starting tonight at 9pm EST. A portion of the proceeds is going to support Dwell with Dignity in helping many deserving people live more beautiful lives who couldn’t do so on their own. Please visit my Curate for a Cause sale and buy, buy, buy!

Thanks for peeking at my Dining Room and please don’t forget to visit Joss and Main and my Curate for a Cause tag sale tonight starting at 9pm EST. You can make your Dining Room or any space in your home look gorgeous with the help of the many beautiful items I have selected especially for you in my tag sale. Plus, you can feel great while shopping by helping Dwell with Dignity in the process.

Happy Dining and Happy Shopping! xo,

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p.s. Don’t forget that our giveaway for Designers at Home goes through Friday at noon CST. So leave a comment on yesterday’s post with what you most love about my re-styling efforts to be entered to win.  Good luck!


Photostyling Before and After: My Living Room

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IMG_1111So when I set to work freshening my Living Room for Designers At Home, I was inspired by 2 things…a pillow I made from an Hermes scarf–a gift from Paris that a sweet friend brought me and a throw I picked up on my trip to Scotland last year with Traditional Home Magazine. That one seems double appropriate since Ronda Carman, the author of Designers at Home, though American, lives in Scotland and has for the last several years.

So by jumping off from the brilliant blues in these 2 inspirations pieces, I had a great time creating one of my favorite color combinations of kelly and peacock.


My living room has been seen many times in At Home in Arkansas, in Traditional Home for a full home feature and then for a fun entertaining segment again in Traditional Home last year. So without changing all the things I love about this room, I sure had fun making it feel bright and cheerful in a whole new way.


It’s amazing how just a few tiny tweaks can really liven up a space. You really don’t have to break the bank to jazz things up. I mainly used things I already had.


And we even set up a bar for entertaining guests all color coordinated and everything.  Here are a few picks of the original design to remind you of what I added.




So how do you like it with a hint of blue? It’s hard to go wrong with such a cool hue, right? And I don’t know about you, but by adding some of my personality I think the room feels like it has more of a soul than before.

Here are my top 3 tips used in re-styling my living room…

1. Start with something sentimental or inspiring as your jumping off point. Memories of Paris and Scotland all come to mind when I see the pillow and the throw that set the tone for my blue accents. Now just being in this space makes me even more happy with thoughts of destinations I love.

2. Collections add personality to any space. My collection of design books make an appearance in this space, selected from my many titles based on their jacket cover. Displaying my books as a group of blue “accessories” certainly make a impact.

3. Share your interests…my necklaces make an appearance on the coffee table bust bringing in a fashion influence and acting as an extension of my personality. They also add a flair of the feminine, and I don’t know about you but I think the “new” version of my living room styling is definitely softer and just a touch more girly than before.

Now for some good news.  This is where the exciting book giveaway starts.


Leave a comment on this post telling me what you like about my new living room styling to be entered to win your very own copy of Designers at Home, the new book that features my home. And to be entered a second time, send a tweet linking to this post and copy me @tobifairley, and share what you love most about the new and improved look there too.  We will draw the winner of this fabulous Rizzoli book this Friday at noon CST.  Good luck! xo,
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P.S. Stay tuned for more reveals of the freshened up photostyling in my home. You won’t want to miss what a few small changes can do for a room.

Before and After Photostyling…My Entry Hall

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As promised, I am bringing you several never before seen photos of my home. Last year when I photographed my house for Ronda Carman‘s book, Designers at Home, I freshened my home a bit since it had been published several times already in Traditional Home and At Home in Arkansas plus thankfully on many fabulous blogs. I wanted to give readers something new to enjoy.

I am not one to change my home a lot. When I get it designed properly and get things just the way I want them, I am one to leave it alone until it’s time to redecorate as things have become worn out or dated, or it’s time move to a new home.

IMG_1226So thanks to Ronda’s book, it was very exciting to have an excuse to re-envision my home without really changing the major pieces.

So here is how the entry looked before the freshening…


My top 3 tips used for freshening my entry are these…

1. Punch up the volume with a punch of color! Even with the soft pinks and light and lovely shade of turquoise, the room comes to life. It’s not too bright, but it’s certainly beautiful.

2. Scale reigns supreme. Increasing the scale of the artwork and the lamp made my 8 foot ceilings seem more grand and put the dramatic wallcovering into perspective.

3. Let your personality come to life. The novelty of my Pelican art is a perfect conversation piece. And since I always say “The entry of your home is like the invitation to a party, it sets the tone for what lies beyond”–I think my choice of art says that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It says that this is a house where you can relax and have fun.

So what do you think? I’m loving the punch of pink. I’ll be revealing other rooms over the next few days. Some of them are a more dramatic change while all the major elements still stay the same. I think you’ll be a little surprised at the result, so I hope you will join me here to take a look.


And don’t forget we will be giving away a copy of Designers at Home, so you’ll want to be able to register for that.

See you tomorrow! xo,

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