Weekend Wow: Think Outside the Plastic Cup

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This weekend’s big “WOW” comes in the form of a creative solution rather than something more crafty. Now that Spring has sprung, weather is calling us outside for perfect parties and picnics. Every entertainer is now faced with the age old question…paper or plastic. Cups that is.  My choice? NEITHER! No matter how lovely your table settings, or how well thought out your event’s theme, nothing puts a damper on a posh party like a flimsy, giant, bright red (or blue or yellow) cup. So, when it came time to plan last weekend’s garden party at my home for my special guest Barry Dixon, I just knew there was no way I wanted unsightly cups detracting from my beautiful gardens and my sassy Southern decor (not to mention the drinking experience itself!). My solution? Well, because my theme was a “Southern Supper”, the natural choice was Mason jars. Let’s see what you think…

The secret to pulling-off the mason jar look with style is to strike the perfect balance between the rustic and the refined. And if you want to jazz things up a bit like I did, choose a cocktail napkin with flair. Mine were red with large, white polka dots to freshen-up the look.

And if you happen to adore Pinterest like I do, you already know how endless the crafting and entertaining possibilities are with Mason jars! Here are some of my favorite ideas from around the web:

newenglandprepster:I have a huge weakness for mason jars with handles.Consider a signature cocktail with a color palette that can really stand out in a clear jar.

Or use them as a ramekin: here they’re a perfect serving solution for miniature chocolate hazelnut pies. Yum!

Painted Mason Jars...candle idea? by carlenePainted jars can be outfitted with handles to make lovely mini-lanterns.

Or they can become a pop of color on your buffet or tablescape. Yes, please!

So, as you plan your outdoor festivities this summer, consider incorporating Mason jars in a clever way. An added bonus is they don’t create the trash of plastic cups. Plus they add-to (not detract-from) your party atmosphere and they are a charming way for guests to feel festive while enjoying the refreshments!

Why don’t you give Mason jars a try and send us photos of clever ways you incorporate them into your entertaining by emailing us at info@tobifairley.com . Your photos might just make it onto this fun Pinterest Board.




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2 Responses to Weekend Wow: Think Outside the Plastic Cup

  1. Libby says:

    My favorite steal from Pinterst…pre-filling mason jars with the night’s “signature cocktail,” adding a lid, and then placing the jars over ice in a galvanized tub for guests to grab as they please. Not only does it look cute and casual, but it gives my husband the opportunity to socialize with guests instead of playing bartender all night long.

  2. […] Mason jars have definitely been a popular item the past couple years! From wedding décor to outdoor parties, these classic jars are incredibly versatile. I love the idea of painting the jars white and using as a candle holder! The soft, white glow gives off a calming and homey look! (via Tobi Fairley) […]