Taking Tea with Kathryn Greeley

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Kathryn Greeley is certainly no stranger around here! She has not only been a good friend of mine, but she also continually inspires me with her vintage finds and “collected, not decorated” approach to design. I know you’ll love her thoughts on the timeless tradition of afternoon tea.  xo, Tobi

Hello Tobi’s readers!
It’s such a delight to be here with you today and to share one of my favorite “little luxuries” — taking tea off of good china! I figure life’s too short not to use it!

I was so proud to see Tobi carrying on this time-honored tradition a few months back. I simply adore these lovely images she shared with her Instagram followers and it inspired me to keep up this tradition of taking a little time to enjoy life.

I am a big hot tea drinker and highly prefer drinking out of lovely old English bone china! When I am at home I have tea around 4:00ish, always in either a cup from my flow blue collection or in my Old Coalport Leighton Spray.

Having grown up in a home with a grandmother who married an Irishman, tea was served with milk. As a young child I was always given “milk tea” and have never grown accustomed to having lemon in my hot tea.

I feel that the whole tradition of taking afternoon tea is so very civilized and relaxing. I would venture to say it’s truly one of life’s little necessities (as opposed to a luxury)! An afternoon cup of tea can quickly reduce my stress and properly adjust my attitude! And the beauty of a lovely china tea cup of course enhances the experience. Tobi picked this one up on an antiquing trip we took together to Morris Antiques in Keo, Arkansas. Aren’t the colors splendid?

I believe that taking tea should be a necessary ritual in every home and office and children should be introduced to this at an early age as I was fortunate to have been!

Do you take tea in the afternoon? How do you enjoy yours? Do leave a comment and let us know! We’ll be sure to have it prepared for you the next time you drop by! Oh, and be sure to visit my blog to see some of my other favorite “little luxuries.”

Have a lovely day,



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3 Responses to Taking Tea with Kathryn Greeley

  1. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    I love a good cup of tea. One of my favorite things is when my Mother makes us a cup of tea and we get a chance to sit and visit while drinking a nice, hot, relaxing cup of tea.

  2. Kathryn: I definitely have tea in the afternoons. My family is English and I inherited some of my grandmothers china. Tea is a BIG part of our day and like you, it is a stress reliever and I crave it around 3:00 in the afternoon. I drink it with milk too. My dad loves his tea with a small spoon of condensed milk and is convinced it’s the only way to drink it! A small cookie is always served when I’m at my mom’s house and she usually serves it on a tea trolley. It’s a beautiful display and I love the special tradition in continues in our family. Love your teacup!

  3. Vicky says:

    I have recently started a collection of beautiful tea cups with saucers. The pictured pattern is beautiful. Can you tell me it’s name? Thank you for the lovely post.