Self Care Saturday!

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It’s Saturday and that means time for some rest and relaxation. After a long week of work and travel it’s only right to replenish ourselves so we can be inspired to work again next week.

So what does that mean to you? Is it lingering over that 3rd cup of coffee in your PJ’s by the fire?

Is it yoga, communing with nature and time with man’s best friend?

Maybe it’s all of the above and more. So here’s your homework for today (don’t worry, selfcare homework is fun!) Make a list of the things that would make you happy and would “fill your cup” today and then pick a couple or a few and just do them!

No excuses. No focusing on all the things you “should” be doing. No exceptions.

It’s Self-care Saturday and it’s mandatory. It’s survival. And it’s spectacular!

Happy Saturday! xo,


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One Response to Self Care Saturday!

  1. Franki Parde says:

    The possibilities are…endless! First..we’re going to buy a Christmas tree and then we’re going to plant a sugar maple and then…. franki