Self-Care Saturday: Living the Dream this Holiday Season

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Happy Saturday, Everyone. I hope you read my post yesterday and are taking some time this great Saturday to mix in caring for you while you are caring for all those loved ones this holiday season.

Today I want to share with you some thoughts about me and the ultimate self care in my life right now…Living my Passion, Sharing my Talents, and Fulfilling my Dreams.

It is during this special and meaningful time of the year that I reflect on my many blessings. This year I feel like I have been abundantly blessed beyond belief and that is inspiring me to reach for even greater accomplishments!

One of my many blessings is getting to work in my dream job. And this time I am not talking about interior design. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE designing gorgeous interiors, but it is my work as a consultant, mentor and coach that really fulfills me. I have a passion for helping other people live their passion!


The tremendous feedback I have gotten during this holiday season from those I have helped has brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. But the results are not because of me, they are because of the actions those I help have taken…they have been willing to just TRY!

I’ve heard from one of my Mastermind members who has brought so many innovations to her business this year that she has gone from 5 straight years of losing money in her business to a complete turn-around and 6 figures of CASH in the bank to pay off her debt. WOW! How liberated she must feel to be out from under the stress of debt!

And I’ve also heard from another Mastermind Member who tragically lost a child in the past couple of years and because of the confidence she’s gained in our group this year, she has accomplished her goal of putting herself back out in the Interior Design business world. This has taken so much courage on her part and I know it is something that she has to reach down deep inside for each and every day! Some days have been so challenging in her journey and others she is on top of the world.  But BOY has she succeeded in so many ways this year! Plus you should see her goals for 2013. They are BIG ones and I know she will achieve them all! This lady is going places!

Then there is another Mastermind member who said that before she joined my group she didn’t really believe that she “had what it takes” to be an Interior Designer. She was scared to death of falling on her face, or being uncovered as a “fraud”. She didn’t want to look stupid so she thought she would just have to settle for being a pseudo designer and take less than inspired work attempting to be a re-designer or possibly a stager of sorts as a back-up plan. And guess where she is now…A FULL-FLEDGED Interior Designer who is not looking stupid at all as she just got her first 5-FIGURE DESIGN FEE and is taking it all the way to the bank!!!! WoooHooo!!  This lady may have been inspired by me to put herself out there but I have to say that I am even more inspired by her!!

I’ve also heard from one of my recent MBA campers who was diagnosed last year with breast cancer 6 weeks from her mom being given the same diagnosis who says I have inspired her to have a renewed vision and passion for interiors. She was in a place where she thought her life and her mom’s might be over or at least changed forever and now with my help and the help of all the other campers in her MBA session “holding her hand”, she’s ready to start really building her business in 2013 and living every day in her passion…Design!

And then there’s another MBA camper who within just a few months after leaving my March camp tripled her income from the year before and now has a thriving design business and has become a contributing editor for a regional design magazine all because we gave her the confidence to ask for what she wanted out of life! Her courage and excitement is infectious!

I have heard from readers of my blog inspired by my weight-loss journey. One is a person who has tried everything and was scared to try again because failing one more time would just be too hard on her self worth. But thanks to seeing my “before and after”, she now feels inspired to try again because “if I can do, she can do it”. She is committed to making these difficult changes along side me as I support her here with my on-going story (and struggle) of not only losing weight but keeping it off.

I’ve heard from another blog reader from Europe who says she came to my blog looking for design inspiration but instead I changed her life. She said “God put me in her life” and though she and I will probably never meet I have inspired her to get healthy and start living the life she desires and deserves.

And those are just a few of the AMAZING comments that I have heard during this Holiday Season.  And believe me, it feels so good to hear them. My passion or “flame” for what I do only grows stronger by lighting the way for so many of you! But what you need to know above all else, is that it is me that is truly inspired here!

I get the privilege of working with the some of the strongest, most dedicated, most positive, and disciplined people there are. I am walking along side people making HUGE leaps and feeling the chaos, the pain and suffering that comes with really changing your life. Mostly women, I am truly inspired EVERY day by these remarkable humans who are over-coming challenges that are emotional, physical and financial with courage, style and grace!

It is I who should be thanking each of them for inspiring me to get out of bed each morning and making it hard for me to go to sleep at night because I am so motivated to help them succeed and dedicated to help solve their problems. This is what I live for!

I am the one who is inspired to be better each day than I was the day before because I have 25 Mastermind members, hundreds of campers, and thousands of readers visiting this blog and watching my example. These are TRULY Good People! They do things for the right reasons and they give back to others, and they love and support many in their lives.  They are depending on me to pave the way, share my story, and wade through uncharted waters in business and in life, so that they can learn from both my successes and mistakes and create the life that they dream of. And I owe them a “thank you” for holding me accountable because it is that accountability that has helped me get healthier and happier than I have ever been.

It is I who have the ultimate responsibility and honor to push people (and I mean really push them) outside their comfort zone, and stand behind them with a safety net and a smile as they take gigantic risks and major leaps, all the while knowing that they will soar  towards their dreams with ease even though they may not know it themselves. And I know with certainty that it is my true purpose in life to help other people be the BEST they can be! I get the blessing of feeling good for doing good in the world!

And, believe me, there have been tears. Tears from me and tears from so many of them. But these tears aren’t a sign of weakness, but rather just the opposite. These tears are a sign of “break through”.  They are a sign of courage. And a sign of strength. These tears are real evidence of the passion and the emotion that it takes to take responsibility for your destiny and make yourself truly happy. These tears show that those I am working with are TRULY ALIVE! And nothing touches me more than seeing the vulnerability and authenticity through the tears of these Warriors that I have the privilege of working with! It means they are human but proves to me they have super-human strength. And I have no doubt they will achieve their dreams!

So I say,  “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I owe a debt of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for those of you who have taken a risk and trusted me to be your guide, who have believed me and believed IN me enough to lead you through those leaps of faith, and who have been kind and generous enough to give me honest feedback and praise when you’ve gotten results like never before.

Sometimes you have to be your own hero. And so many of you have had the courage to be heroes for yourself. And in turn you have become my Hero! And I love you for that and I carry you as inspiration in my heart each and every day!

I wish you the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest 2013 that you can dream of.  And I hope you will continue to join me here on the blog, in my E-coaching, at Camp Tobi Fairley and in Mastermind as we take GIANT leaps towards our dreams in the New Year. I know with certainty that we will reach those Dreams, especially when we do it together!

Much love and gratitude,

p. s. The BIG winner of our Fortunata giveaway was comment #17, Sylvia! Congratulations to you! And a big thanks to Fortunata for giving me the chance to give back to my readers by sharing your gorgeous ceramics with them!
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9 Responses to Self-Care Saturday: Living the Dream this Holiday Season

  1. Cathy says:

    Thank you for your words of insiration! My husband died suddenly five years ago and life became very difficult. But in the past few months I’ve started feeling joy again. I started asking myself how I really wanted to spend my days and found I needed to sell my business. After 15 years I was burned out and needed a change. I’m very excited about what the future may hold.

  2. Lisa Mende says:

    Thank You Tobi for walking with me on my journey, taking the time to encourage me, comfort me and push me out of my comfort zone! Good things will come in 2013! I am excited for what the future holds! Only God knows the plan but I have a feeling it is going to be a good one!!! Merry Christmas! Here’s to 2013!!!

  3. Tobi you are an absolute delight. The world is softer & nicer because you exist. Yeah!! 🙂

  4. Tobi, thank you for the confidence, grace and authenticity you share with me and the world. Your journey is an inspiration to all of us in the interior design business and your guidance has steered me through many a crisis. Thank YOU and Merry Merry Christmas. Big big hugs my friend!

  5. Thank you Tobi for all that you have given me! Looking forward to another great year in Mastermind to take my business to the next level!

  6. Amen Sistah. Merry Christmas and see you Next Year!

  7. Thank you for everything Tobi. You are such an inspiration. Your face lights up when you are teaching us. It’s a great comfort to know that you are truly with us and for us. What an amazing group of women you have brought together.

  8. Andrea Brooks says:

    Tobi, words can never express what you have brought to each of our lives. Thank you for leading us with grace, providing gentle, guided pushes and sometimes a kick in the pants to bring us to all of our own individual successes. You are loved!!

  9. Tam Stone says:

    Tobi, what a wonderful post as we all take some time to reflect on our growth this past year and look to our futures. You truly have an amazing gift and I am so happy that you have chosen to share it with others. You have changed my life for the better and I cannot thank you enough. XOXO, Tam