See What Happens When You Tell the Universe?

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Well it’s only been a few days since we put our dreams out there in the Universe (you put your’s out there, right?) and I am already seeing some exciting results and opportunities.

Thanks to all of you who shared your dreams and how you were inspired by mine.  I hope that you are well on your way to achieving some of yours this year.


Just since I wrote mine, I have already had a few exciting “signs” from the universe, including a field editor for a major national design magazine contacting me because she read my post and was inspired and wants to help me achieve some of my wishes for getting more publicity this year.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the very day I put my dreams out in the universe, I saw this! A big thanks goes to my friend Jenn for telling me about it. So of course there is no guarantee that I will be selected to travel to Blog Tour 2012 in Paris.  But then again, it might just be the way I get to finally go to Maison & Objet. Cool, huh?

This just goes to show, that if you take a chance and have the courage to put your dreams out for all to see, there is a much greater chance for them all to come true.

 So if you haven’t done it yet…what are you waiting for?? Don’t be the only thing standing in the way of your dreams. Go on…Wish upon that star. Today!

And you can wish on a star or two for me and Paris while you’re at it! 

Happy Dreaming my friends. xo, Tobi

P.S. Don’t forget my One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale starts THIS Saturday!!!!

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3 Responses to See What Happens When You Tell the Universe?

  1. Its so important to get out of our own way, sometimes! Consider the what if’s and the why not’s. Good luck on Paris!

  2. Irene Turner says:

    Happy New Year Tobi, and congratulations to you! I’m incredibly pleased for you, both for “putting it out there” and for all that you deserve. Wishing you all the good fortune in this New Year. Cheers to a great start..clink, clink!

  3. Ha ! So Glad you applied to #Blogtour2012- Paris has been a huge dream of mine for years as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful! Good luck Tobi….
    Fingers crossed for you 🙂 Let’s hope we can conquer a dream together xo