Quick, Colorful Spring Container Gardens

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Today I’m thrilled to have one of my favorite home and garden experts here to share some spring planting tips. P. Allen Smith is a good friend of mine and I’m always inspired by his lush gardens and floral arrangements. I can’t wait to use this tips in my own yard this spring! xo, -Tobi

Hello Tobi’s readers,
It’s great to be back with you today!

Just as stylish accessories bring a room to life, gorgeous planted containers are the finishing touch for every garden. The trick is to be generous and pack your containers full of blooms.

It all starts with some interesting containers and good potting soil. Choose container themes with either complementary colors or monochromatic tones of the same color for the best effect. Be sure to mix leaf textures to lend visual interest creating sumptuous living flower arrangements in pots.

Here’s a quick, fragrant and fresh spring container grouping made with several different sizes of white-washed tin buckets brimming with paper whites, green amaryllis and a couple succulents in white-washed terracotta pots ready to bring indoors to use at my next dinner party.

Now don’t forget to water. Regular watering and fertilizing will make the container plants produce lush growth and profuse blooms all season long.

This casual vignette on my back porch features differently sized containers spilling over with shasta daisies, several herbs, purple nemesia, chartreuse heuchera and variegated ivy attended by a tall watering can which is ready to keep this grouping from going thirsty.

Pour the potting soil into a bucket and add a little water to moisten.

Fill your container about ¾ full with potting soil.

Take the plants out of their pots and arrange them in the container as close together as you can. Work potting soil into the spaces between the plants.

Water the pot. Fertilize the container with a water-soluble organic fertilizer according to directions.

I like a tall, upright container to best show off the mounding and cascading forms of these plants.
Check soil moisture daily. During the summer you may need to water every day.
Choose complementary colors such as yellows and blues, or monochromatic selections such as shades of pinks, whites, blues, or yellows, or try earth tones in the fall.
Elevate pots on supports or wheeled platforms to allow for drainage; to prevent mold and staining of surfaces.
Empty pottery containers before a hard frost to prevent cracking.
Combine trailing and spilling plants with airy filler plants. In larger containers, add tall vertical grasses or climbers on supports.
I like to mix up textures by using ruffled plants, big leaved, narrow leaved, and stiff, spiky plants as well as combine small and large flowers with foliage plants.
To keep the container looking spectacular, promptly clip off dead blooms.
For more containers ideas, get my book P. ALLEN SMITH’S CONTAINER GARDENS, where I can show you how to create a beautiful container garden in a matter of minutes with step-by-step planting instructions.

Happy Gardening!


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2 Responses to Quick, Colorful Spring Container Gardens

  1. Franki Parde says:

    NICE!! I’m painting all my containers (various shapes and sizes) lime green this year (new outdoor rug :))It will be a “bright” patio this year! franki

  2. Just spent a beautiful afternoon in my own garden. It is so therapeutic! Thank you Tobi and Allen! I may just take the day off to go play in the flowers!
    xo – Kimberly