“Olio Hopping” into Holiday Style with Olioboard and Friends

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I’m thrilled, today, to be talking holiday style as part of OlioHop Monday! Any bloghop can be a good time, but with Olioboard it’s guaranteed! I think Rudolph could even get excited about today’s Hop!!!

I must admit I was sort of a latecomer to the Olioboard party (hopefully that won’t make Santa move me over to the naughty list), but as soon as I saw what this great online program lets me do, I was hooked! And now Olioboard is an event partner to all of our Camp Tobi Fairley events and I’m busy telling designers and design lovers how they can use it to do their best work!

Surely by now you’ve tried out Olioboard! If not, you should do so, A.S.A.P. On Olioboard, you can create digital mood boards, inspiration boards, bulletin boards, and actual room designs in 3-D perspective! So many resources at the click of a mouse! I am always surprised at how fun and versatile the tools and marketplace are! I can shop on Olioboard; I can get inspired by fellow creatives; I can even use it as a starting point for creating gorgeous tangibles for my clients while they’re in that span of time between ordering and installation! What’s not to #OlioLove?

But without further ado, let’s get to the Oliohop Holiday Post! For today’s virtual gathering, I thought I would share my inspiration for “Holiday Style”.

Like many of you, the Holidays are my favorite time of year. And one of the reasons it’s special for me is that my mom always takes so much time to make Christmas loving and meaningful. But let’s not forget how she also makes it full of STYLE!

Mom’s tree is always decked out with gorgeous color inspiration (which is partly responsible for my love of color I’m sure), but also rooted in the Traditional, too. As a child it was such fun getting each and every ornament out from her Santa collection and remembering where we bought it as we hung it on the tree. But the decor that surrounds the Santas each year is always updated, exciting, and right on trend!

And cooking and baking is a big part of Mom’s Holiday Tradition.  I still make it to my mom’s house for at least one day of Holiday baking each year. It’s definitely a tradition I just won’t miss! So the kitchen is always decorated, too.

That way we can enjoy holiday style in Mom’s fabulous kitchen while we pour our hearts out into our recipes for those we love. And we always listen to our favorite holiday songs on the stereo to keep us in that Holiday Spirit.

Gift wrapping in mom’s house is a big “to do” as well. It is usually coordinated with the tree decor but she adds special embellishments on packages to personalize them for the recipient. With the packages always so pretty that you hate to open them, the wrapping is definitely part of the experience.

And then there is the table top for our Christmas meals. Wow, what a production and how much fun to change up which of mom’s china patterns we use each year (yes, she’s addicted to dishes like me)!

The way she orchestrates the table top is the way I design a room. With the flowers, linens, china, crystal…every tiny detail is attended to with loving care, but always with a dose of chic!

So now that I am all grown up with a family of my own, it’s during the Holiday season that I feel most excited to share my love and my style through my design talents in my own home.

My trees, banister, mantle and gifts are all perfectly thought out and coordinated. But all the work is not for me, it’s to see the look on my daughter’s face when she gets to see what we’ve created again each year.

And I do it to create the perfect, albeit stylish, backdrop to make memories with my husband and our friends too.

And of course there’s the baking and the meals and the tabletops that are such a part of my Holiday fun, just like it always is at mom’s!

And I take extra time to make my guests feel welcome, always treating them with a beautifully-presented gift at meals or gatherings to let them know how much we love them.

I only hope that when my daughter has children of her own, she will be inspired to create “Holiday Style” for her family just like I was inspired by my mom.

I hope she will get as much pleasure as mom and I do creating loving, nurturing holiday cheer for those she loves.

I hope that she will feel that special swelling in her heart each Holiday season as she knows that it is from her hands that so much happiness was created for those she loves.

So, yes, Holidays can be loving, nurturing and full of style all at the same time. And just because it’s stylish and designed, doesn’t mean that your holiday is less personal and meaningful. The best thing about the holidays really is that you get to decide what sort of style you want to bring to your home and those you love. And if you want to see how your design is going to look, why not pull it all together on Olioboard for a sneak peek like this board below?

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Happy Hopping and Happy Holidays! xo,

p. s. Speaking of Olioboard…why not enter the 2013 Color Trend Design Contest to win a ticket to a Camp Tobi Fairley event in 2013 AND a Paint Prize Pack from Benjamin Moore? Check it out!

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16 Responses to “Olio Hopping” into Holiday Style with Olioboard and Friends

  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Good morning Tobi!

    What a gorgeous post for today’s #OlioHop blog hop, Tobi! It is heartwarming to see the way your Mom inspired you and how you are now doing the same for your young daughter.

    Sharing together, eating together, decorating together, giving to one another, loving one another.. the true meaning of the season is evident in your beautiful post.

    As part of the Olioboard team, Tobi, I am so happy to see you getting on *olio -board * with the capabilities of their site -even if, as you say, it’s a *little late* and very happy that they’re now sponsoring your events so even more people can be helped to help their clients visualize their dreams come alive , before they buy, so they’re encouraged to invest to live as beautifully as you and your family do.

    I hope you have a warm and wonderful Christmas, Tobi, and thank you for bringing such a cornucopia of visual beauty to today’s #OlioHop blog hop!

    Leslie (@tkpleslie)

  2. Katrina says:

    What a wonderful post- your and your Mom’s Christmas decor is just beautiful! I agree with how wonderful and useful Olioboard can be…it’s a great tool for sure. Merry Christmas!

  3. Franki Parde says:

    I L O V E the way you think!!! That first combination green and aqua sounds so…simple to say…just glorious colors. It is wonderful!! franki

  4. I love your style!I love all the bright and bold colors you used!The post was amazing!Thank you for sharing about your mother as well!I also have to agree that Olioboard is a wonderful tool!I just love it!! Oliolove!!

  5. Sarah says:

    What an amazing post with so many gorgeous images. I love, love the red and white holiday table with the chair covers!

  6. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful and inspirational post! I absolutley love all of your wonderful photos and your story of family traditions.
    I can still remember baking cookies during the holidays with my grandmother when I was little. What a special time that was.
    Your projects are always stunning!
    Happy holidays to you and your family!!! xoxo


  7. OMG,one photo more beautiful than the last! Your mom’s kitchen, cakes, books, trees, gifts… I’m blown away. Happy Holidays, and thanks for ALL of the inspiration during the year! Nanette

  8. Tobi, always my favorite! Your designs are the most beautiful and you combine color in amazing ways. You have been an inspiration for over four years and you are continually astonishing. It’s an honor to join you in this Oliohop and I will remember each moment for years to come, so grateful. Salut to the coming year and to new adventures in 2013!

    All the best,
    Jane Gianarelli xo 😀

  9. Hi Tobi,
    I absolutely adore this post…and the blue and red colour combo of your Olioboard is delicious!!!


  10. Lisa Mende says:

    You just got me in the holiday spirit with this post!!!

  11. Tobi, this is why you are a star! Your post was so easy to read and follow. I learned a lot and appreciate your casual tone. It makes learning easier. Happy Holidays. May all your dreams come true in the New Year!

  12. Lynda says:

    Stunning spaces and just LOVE your Holiday Style! Honored to be a part of such a talented group today! And THANK YOU so much for hosting a wonderful tweet-chat today… So informative and encouraging for 2013!

    Blessings to you, your family, and your friends + continued blessings for your continued success in 2013 Tobi!

    xo Lynda

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  14. Andie Day says:

    Your post sharing your mother’s stylish holiday creativity is very touching Tobi. For so many of us, the holidays conjure up precious memories of time spent with family and friends. Those memories inspire and inform us as we grow and become the legacy that we pass along to our loved ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day your daughter pens a beautiful & poignant post about the lovely traditions HER mom shared with her! Happy Holidays to you and your family, Andie xo

  15. Peggy Taylor says:

    What color blue is that on your kitchen cabinets? I love that color and would love to use it in my own kitchen!