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Traci Zeller is the talented creative behind Traci Zeller Designs. She’s also a member of my Mastermind group! Today, she’s here to share her Mastermind experience and more about the growth her business has seen in 2012 as a result. I’m sure you’ll agree her story is an inspiring one!! Oh…and did I mention she’s mom to two precious twin boys?? Happy Sunday! xo, Tobi

Bonjour!  It is such a treat to visit Tobi’s blog while she is enjoying the sites and sounds of Morocco. Did you know that French is Morocco’s primary language of commerce and economics? My twinks are starting “big school” in the fall and will be enrolled in an immersion French program – so I am particularly attuned to all things French … and especially the wonderful spots that I may be able to vacation with my own little translators.

Instead of daydreaming about future adventures in Marrakech, however, I’m going to tell you about the real adventures that I’ve been having over the last year – and there’s no passport required.  I signed up for Tobi’s Mastermind program in January 2011, and my business, Traci Zeller Designs, hasn’t been the same since.

Candidly, I didn’t have a specific goal when I signed up – but I knew that I needed a change.  I founded Traci Zeller Designs in early 2004, but – as you might imagine – the 2006 arrival of twin boys threw a bit of a wrench into matters.  I continued to take on design projects in those early years, but by 2011, I was ready to take Traci Zeller Designs to another level.  Little did I know how much progress I would make by April 2012!

Over the course of the last fifteen months, with the guidance of Tobi and her staff and the support of my fellow Mastermind designers, I have:revamped my services and business processes retooled my blog and my website, changed my accounting system, and clarified both my objectives and the steps I must take to achieve them.

As you might imagine, these things don’t happen overnight – they take time, energy and often a financial investment – but the cumulative impact is almost revolutionary. Actually, the better word is probably “evolutionary” – because, for all of the changes that I’ve already made, I have no doubt that more changes are to come. The end result is a better, more satisfying business that is laser-focused on meeting my personal and professional goals. Most importantly, I can do what I do best – creating chic, sophisticated interiors where children are nurtured – even better than I did before.

2012 has been already been remarkable.  I’ve been featured in The Bump, QC Exclusive and Multiplicity magazines.  My next adventure is High Point Market, where I’m delighted to be a Style Spotter, teaching a “Lunch and Learn” at Antiques by Zaar, and participating on a panel, “Competitive Intelligence: the Power of Pinterest,” hosted by IMRE Home IQ and WithIt.  I’m enjoying every minute … and even more excited about what is to come!

If you’re ready to grow your design business, I would highly encourage you to sign up for Mastermind! Although, one small piece of advice for those of you who take the leap to participate in either Mastermind or one of Tobi’s design camps: The Capital Hotel is one of my very favorite places, but – contrary to my prior belief – it is, in fact, possible to over-indulge in their scrumptious Parmesan-Herb Fries with Truffled Béarnaise. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!  Oh, and your business might just change 180 degrees.  There’s that, too.

Merci and bonne vacances, Tobi!


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7 Responses to My Mastermind Experience with Traci Zeller

  1. Thanks so much for having me, Tobi, and for all of your support, advice and inspiration!

  2. Hannah Dee says:

    It most certainly does seem like your business has taken a huge leap forward! Congratulations on all your hard work, I’m so happy for you, and lord knows how you juggle it all!!!

  3. I love Traci so much and am lucky to call her a friend. Her business has really taken off and I am so proud of her. I have a feeling there is a lot more to come!!! Great post, Tobi!

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  5. Holly says:

    Traci always has great words of wisdom and is always such a big supporter. I enjoyed reading more about the growth of her business and how the Mastermind program helped her with her goals.

  6. pretty pink tulips says:

    What an endorsement! And, knowing both of you talented ladies in person, it’s exciting to see how you’re both flourishing!!!!

    Congratulations on all your success!
    xo Elizabeth

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