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As the 2012 Design Bloggers Hall of Fame ‘Best New Blog’ inductee, Meredith Heron is certainly no stranger to great design or to enticing blogs. However, it was her Instagram posts on cooking and all things food that caught my attention recently. I wondered a) how does she capture all these beautiful images and b) how does she have time to design and blog AND cook?!? In this guest post, she shares one recent experience. Enjoy! xoxo, Tobi

Hello from the North!! I’m Canadian designer Meredith Heron and, like Tobi, I’m a designer who blogs! Over the last year I’ve discovered my blog Sashay is a cheap alternative to therapy!

While I’m beyond jealous that Tobi is traveling to Marrakech I’m pretty thrilled that she asked me to share a blog post with y’all (that’s me trying to blend in though I do say y’all quite a bit for a Canadian but still say About as “Aboot” too).

Now in the Irony of all Ironies, Tobi, who also follows my Instagram feed (meredithheron) rather attentively, asked me to put together a post about my foray into the world of culinary pursuits. My husband and I are still laughing about this…

You see, I don’t cook.

Like Ever.

At All.


I go to extreme lengths to AVOID cooking.  It’s not because I can’t, I just really hate cooking. It’s such a chore. I much prefer to eat. I’m a very good eater. In fact, I excel at it to the point that I’m currently on a rather strict diet (4 Hr Body/Slow Carb Diet – Tim Ferriss, I’m a fanatical). Tobi happened upon my Instagram one weekend when I was committed to throwing my hat into the Mother of the Year ring, by baking cookies for my son’s Nursery School class. I documented the entire experience for my blog, which was ultimately what got me into the kitchen in the first place — truth be told…I needed a blog post.

Sooooo, when I got an email from Tobi asking if I’d like to guest blog and would I share some of my fabulous food photography well it was just TOO funny not to oblige.

Now back to this diet my husband and I are on – I may not have mentioned it, but he does ALL the cooking. We met on an online dating site, whereby I clearly stated I needed a man who cooked. He delivered in spades as he used to have his own catering business. We are eating an inordinate amount of legumes/beans in addition to veggies & protein. This past weekend, Asa (that’s the hubs) decided that he wanted to make a chili, which would be great for lunches. Because it was Easter Weekend, we had a bunch of dinners and meals with family and a lot of food had to be prepped, so he asked me if I would say, chop a few things…  No PROBLEMO. I needed to clarify the style of chopping (he assumes I know what a Julienne is vs a dicing – MISTAKE – so I always clarify the details).


(trick I learned is to slice across but not right down to the bottom, then turn onion 90 degrees and repeat and THEN slice off so that they are all diced on their own!)

(TIP: You must put diced onions in beautiful dish to make one’s Mise En Place look uber professional & organized – How to Fake Being a Foodie – Meredith Heron 2012)

See, it LOOKS like I’m a pro what with my pretty pictures and all but I assure you, I’m not.

Oh look, beans soaking – totally am able to handle this task. Have you ever watched beans soak before? Therapeutic.

 Not gonna lie, I had nothing to do with these – Peppers scare me.

Now there are a whole lotta parts missing here because, in my sheer gluttony after 4 Easter/Passover meals with family, I couldn’t get off the couch, while unbeknownst to me (I’m really not a cook) Hubs was finishing the chili without me.


It was yummy however, I may or may not have left it out on the stove instead of putting it away in the fridge (like it was assumed I would do) for a full day. In fact, this photo, was sadly taken as it was being dumped out because I have NO BUSINESS being in a kitchen other than to design it. Likewise, I really do not have a career as a food blogger ahead of me.

If you’d like the recipe, I’ll have my husband post it on my blog as penance for my being a bad wife & chili murderer.

Thanks for having me Tobi – next time you are in Toronto, I’ll make sure we go OUT for dinner!

— meredith

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6 Responses to In the Kitchen with Meredith Heron

  1. Franki Parde says:

    That “cracked me up”…pepper and all. Bon Appetit!franki

  2. Enjoyed reading your post Meredith! If not a chef, my guess is that you are a great photographer with an eye for style! I miss all the interesting people that attended Design Bloggers! Congrats on your ‘Best New Blog’ award!
    Joanie Bedrosian

  3. I love this … because I don’t cook at all either!

  4. What a fun post! I love Meredith’s blog!

  5. Typical Meredith humor; hysterical!!