Have you Hugged Someone Today?

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I just left my Saturday morning Yoga class.  I have been on a mission of healthy living and self care and I feel like a totally different person. I can’t wait to tell you a lot more about that soon.

But today while I was in my yoga practice, my mind wandered as minds are prone to do, and what I began thinking about was the power of human touch. More specifically, how my former yoga teacher, Holly, who no longer lives in Little Rock, used to give me the biggest hug every time I came to class and every time I left. Now this was a very firm hug, a real SQUEEZE. And I always felt SO loved and SO relaxed when she did this. Many of us used to get these kinds of hugs as kids from our parents and grandparents, but how many of us as adults get these REAL hugs on a regular basis?

I missed the hugs for a few years until I began working with my Health Coach and Massage Therapist, Julianne, and guess what? She does the same thing. Every single time I see her. Whether it is for a massage, one of our health coaching sessions or even if I run into her at yoga or in the grocery store.

That’s right, no matter where we are, there is no embarrassment on either of our parts. A big ole bear hug happens. And you know what? It always makes me feel SO loved and SO relaxed just like when Holly used to do the same thing.

So this got me thinking about how I could make every person in my life feel this loved and this relaxed with just a hug. Now I’m not talking about a one arm around them with a light squeeze or pat or “lean” into them. I am talking about a face-forward, 2 arms around them squeeze like you will never see them again.

And so now I am on a mission to make this happen. I think it is part of “taking my yoga practice out into the world” as my current teacher always reminds us to do. I can hardly wait to see the next person so I can get to “hug practicing”!

What about you? Have you hugged anyone lately? Do you have the confidence to practice this even if others think you are weird, cheesy, or even if they won’t admit that they like it (though we know they secretly will)? Give it a try.

The great thing about these hugs is that they fall under the category of “it is better to give than to receive”, because whether it helps the people you are hugging, I promise, it will make you feel like a million bucks!

And don’t forget you can give “virtual hugs” and encouragement to people too by taking the time to call, text, and email just to tell them how great you think they are and that you are thinking of them and hope they have a fabulous day! Want to know more on this subject. Here is a book I love that can help you get into the habit of lifting other people up. It’s called How Full is Your Bucket and it’s by the amazing author of Strength Finders 2.0.

Happy Hugging!

xo, Tobi

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7 Responses to Have you Hugged Someone Today?

  1. marybeth says:

    {{ hug }} to you

  2. Franki Parde says:

    xxxoooxxxooo! franki

  3. Jay Reardon says:

    Lots of hugs at Grandson Will’s 3 year Birthday!

  4. Sheri Martin says:

    Hugs to you, Tobi…..you’re so refreshing and cute!

  5. Monica says:

    Hug inspiration needed this as it put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing and I am sending you a Virtual hug.

  6. Leslie Wood says:

    I hope to give you a big hug when I meet you at Design camp next month. Can’t wait!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    There is something so wonderful about a big hug from someone who loves and cares about you. It is funny because it can bring forth a surge of feelings that you did not even know were there, a mist of tears on a bad day, a smile on a good day, an urge to tamper some anger, and so much more.

    I hope you spread your word and your hugs!

    Take care and thanks for sharing this beautiful message along with your beautiful life and design.