Gratitude for Health and Wellness

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If you have been following my recent blog posts on my journey to health and wellness, you know that I promised more posts on some of the women I am grateful for that are helping me achieve great things in my life.

Today, I am grateful for my personal trainer Julie. And I know those of you that come to my blog for design inspiration may be wondering what all this inspiration and gratitude mumbo jumbo is about. Well let me tell you…

It is about not just designing a home or a place to live and love, for me this is about designing a life. One that I am proud of and that supports quality of life. One that is full of health and happiness. One that inspires me to get out of bed everyday and do what I love and feel good while doing it. And if I can do this for myself and for my clients, then maybe, just maybe, sharing my personal successes and failures here can help my blog readers Design a Life that you love too!

So back to the trainer talk and how far I have come towards designing that life.

But first let’s go back a year or two to when it was all I could do to get up everyday, much less take care of myself. Getting to the gym was the last thing on my mind or my priority list. Yes, that’s right…I used to detest working out. Well that’s actually not true, I always felt better once I got to the gym, but it was hard and painful and I was out of shape and so I would come up with about a million excuses for why I “had” to work instead of work out.

But I am so happy to say that things have changed. I actually look forward to working out with Julie in the afternoon twice a week. I actually get excited about getting up at 5 am  daily and running on my treadmill. I am so happy that I am making GREAT progress on my goal for 2012 to get my abs and arms in shape.

I am also so grateful for the fact that I feel stronger each time I am able to lift more weight, or hold a plank longer than before, or fit into something that I haven’t been able to wear in years. And I have Julie to thank for being a part of this transformation.

I was just thinking this morning, wouldn’t it be amazing if I were to feel good in a bikini on my Disney Cruise with my family next March? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I am going to go all “Valerie Bertonelli” and show you all what I look like in a 2 piece. But I was thinking that it would be such an accomplishment to look better by the pool at 41 than I did 10 years ago and I think this will probably be one of my resolutions for 2013.

My path to health and wellness really has “taken a village” as Hillary Clinton once said about education. It has been a process of major mental shifts on my part towards self-love, self-care and finally putting my needs first. And it has been paired with dieting, cardio exercise, yoga, and MAJOR support from my health coach (I will tell you all about that tomorrow). Plus it has been with the help of my trainer Julie and the support and love of my staff, my family, and my friends. Whew! Who knew it took it took so many people to get little ‘ole me whipped into shape. And now the hard part of keeping it off will take team work too! But I am dedicated to not “finding” my weight again.

If you want to get healthy, I am here to tell you that you can do it. I am not sure I really believed that I could. But I did. And it’s not just about willpower. It’s not just about you getting off the sofa. It’s not just about what you put in your mouth, or your self-talk. It is all of it. And it is hard. But you have what it takes. And if you don’t, then create what it takes!

It is worth it! I promise. And if you are like me and over 40 with a young child, you will be so happy to have the energy, the stamina and the mindset to be healthy and happy so that you don’t miss out on your kiddos lives.

So today, once again, I am grateful. Grateful that I finally got ready to make this change! Grateful for my trainer Julie. Grateful for my healthy body. Grateful that I feel 10 years younger (maybe even 20) than I did just 2 years ago. Grateful that taking care of myself will not only help me be around to enjoy my daughter’s life, but hopefully also inspire her to make healthy choices of her own.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me and please let me know how I can help you make healthy and happy choices in your life. And if these great quotes would help you to stay inspired, you can find them and more on my Health and Fitness Pinterest Board.

xo, Tobi

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5 Responses to Gratitude for Health and Wellness

  1. I’m listening and inspired! Love the phrase “choose your hard” so true, something to get you to think about it in a different way. Nanette

  2. Slim Paley says:

    Wow. Good for you Tobi!
    and Thanks for all the Sunday morning Inspiration. It’s going to add an extra ‘oomph’ to my yoga practice today!!

  3. Becky Cohen says:

    Your journey is interesting and inspirational. In the last two years, I have been on a similar journey with meditation, journaling, and reading every morning. Like you, I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. Sofia says:

    Great quotes, I completely agree with that it’s easier to wake up early n the morning for a workout than to stare every day in the mirror not liking what you see.

    Every morning I wake up and go outside for a walk before I work out. I hate working out, but staying fit and strong is so worth it!

  5. Kate Luella says:

    Fabulous collection of inspiration Tobi!!! I needed this, I’m always snacking on chocs/chips late at night on the PC – around 11pmish!!! how bad is that – been working quite a bit lately, I’ve put on 5kg! yikes – so I’m going to post some of these on my desktop!! 🙂 Kate