Grateful for Power and a few Thank you’s!

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Wow! It’s been like a war zone around here. Arkansas is definitely not prepared for 10″ of snow over a layer of ice!

I finally got my power back on last night at 7pm after 50 hours without it and my office and some of my staff still don’t have power.  It’s pretty miserable but I had my gas fireplace and gas range through it all so we could at least warm up a bit and eat hot meals. Many people didn’t even have that. So I was certainly counting my blessings through it all!

It’s so interesting how something so pretty can be such a strain. I guess the old adage “Be Careful What you Wish for” is true here because many Arkansans including me were wishing for a White Christmas and boy did we ever get one. And we certainly enjoyed it for a while. We just didn’t think about all the problems that would come with it.

And though I made some awesome memories with my family and my neighbors, I am definitely grateful to have my power back. I have never been so happy to be able to do laundry, clean the kitchen, do dishes and mop the floor! It’s funny how many of the things we complain and moan about on a daily basis, we suddenly are happy to do when we see what the alternative looks like!

But I don’t want to get back to normal life without thanking a few very important people who are risking their lives to make many Arkansans lives better. All the men and women who work at Entergy and all those linemen who have come from neighboring states to help get us back in business, Thank you from me and from so many Arkansans who appreciate all you are doing for us.

Thanks to the AWESOME guys at Cowling Cook Electric who worked with me to hook up a generator last night so we could at least have a few lights, a space heater, and an electric blanket! Ironically our power came on just 3 hours later, but it could have been a REALLY cold night had it not been restored. These guys would were our heroes for warming us up! And for those few hours of light and heat before the power was restored, they definitely put a smile on the face of my daughter and me.

Thanks to Kenny and Craig who work for my parents and drove a generator and lots of gasoline all the way up from South Arkansas yesterday and while they were here carted off my dead Christmas tree and garlands! Even my dog, Harley was happy to be inside with the generator running yesterday afternoon.

An no matter how picturesque this snow was, my family was starting to get tired of it and ready for some REAL food! Thanks to my sweet mom who sent groceries up from her town 45 miles away because Little Rock grocery stores were mainly closed due to no power. And even if they were open, they had very little on their shelves and weren’t selling any perishables. That chili I was able to make last night made my family SO happy! And thanks to my Aunt Helen who had filled our freezer this Fall with meals too. We ate most of her cooking before the freezer thawed out. So those meals were life-savers!

And thanks to Thomas and Tom Wallace, hubby and father-in-law of my team member Brooke who were super knowledgeable about all my generator questions and who magically connected me with the electricians who came to my rescue! It would have been warmer sitting in these chairs than the ones in my house without that generator after the 16 degree weather the night before.

I know there are many other heroes working tirelessly to make the situation better for all those who are freezing cold and can’t even take a shower because it’s too cold to get out of it and you can’t even dry your wet hair! So if you are out there helping Arkansans restore their lives back to normal this holiday season…Thank you, too! You are putting smiles on the faces of the elderly, children, and pets all over our state!

And now that I have power back and can keep my Mac and all my gadgets charged, I’ll be blogging all weekend (that is if I can keep my daughter entertained and smiling like she with her BFF above). It’s almost time for my annual year in review and my 2013 resolutions and I will be crafting them over the next several days. So check back often to see what all I am up to. Hopefully it will be all the inspiration you need to kickstart the New Year!

Happy Friday and I hope you are warm and cozy like Izzy Fairley and me! And if you aren’t, I’m praying you will be really soon.


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3 Responses to Grateful for Power and a few Thank you’s!

  1. Brooke says:

    So happy you have your power back on!! XOXO

  2. Amazing.
    Crazy and amazing.
    And you survived it all with such good humor and grace.
    xo xo

  3. Franki Parde says:

    Wow! You’al got “slammed!” It takes a village!!! Good luck!!! franki