Grateful for our Sponsor Mirror Mate plus Ideas for Framing Mirrors for a Fab Finish!

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Hello Friends,

I hope you are still enjoying your long Holiday weekend with family and friends. I am heading to New York tomorrow with my mom and daughter in tow and I’m just returning from Fayetteville today, so a busy weekend for me for sure! I see lots of unpacking, laundry and repacking in my immediate future.

Hopefully you have been enjoying both my inspirational posts on gratitude and my design-related posts of late. There will be more of both coming in the next few days. I’m back in the “groove” of blogging after being away in October and it feels really great after four years of writing to be able to get excited about blogging all over again.

In keeping with my attitude of gratitude, I am grateful for the opportunity to bring each of you an inside look at my life and my work. And I am also grateful for my amazing sponsors that advertise here on the blog and allow me to introduce you to their great products. So today I want to tell you about one of them…

People are always asking me how they can make their bathrooms look more finished, high-end, and polished.  One of my personal favorite ways to get the “designer” effect is having a  framed mirror over your vanity.

MirrorMate (our great blog sponsor!) offers lots of exciting options for doing this in a very functional way in your own home. They have many color and style selections to help you achieve the look you have always wanted…and all for an affordable price!! All you have to do is send in your mirror measurements, choose which style and color you want, and they will create the frame for you!

Framing your mirrors can turn your bathroom from drab to fab instantly and it’s a very budget-friendly spruce-up!! What’s not to love?! Here are some examples of projects with framed mirrors that I hope will inspire you to consider this finishing touch in your own home or project!


 A classic metal or black or white frame is simple, yet it still adds that something extra to your bathroom!



Brightly colored frames are another option for a fun look! This would be great in a kid’s bathroom or in a playful guest bath. Ornate ones can give an exciting twist when done in fun colors.

If the colored frame is too bold for your style, you could always add the color on the wall with a fun wallcovering. With the color on the wall you can keep it simple with the frame of the mirror. This bathroom looks so fresh, who wouldn’t love this?


Tell me: What are some of YOUR favorite finishing touches for a bathroom design? See more of my favorite bathrooms on my “Dream Bathrooms” Pinterest Board.


p. s. A calendar note: We’ve made the slightest change of dates for Camp Tobi Fairley’s January session of Designer MBA. It’s now going to take place JANUARY 8-10, 2013. Want to learn more about my Designer MBA–a business education for design pros? Visit the Camp Tobi Fairley website!

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2 Responses to Grateful for our Sponsor Mirror Mate plus Ideas for Framing Mirrors for a Fab Finish!

  1. Franki Parde says:

    WHAT a difference those frames make!! franki

  2. Carla says:

    Love the bathroom pic and frames! By any chance, do you know the paint color in the blue bathroom? Beautiful…..