Finding a Coach: Mastermind Topics for 2012

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Since my posts last week on Resolutions, Plans, and Dreams, many of you have been emailing me about how and where to find a business coach. 

I have worked very hard over the years to build my business. But I have had several very talented coaches over the last 10 years that have really helped me take my business to the next level.  Depending on your needs and your budget, you can find coaching locally or nationally.

Here are a few questions to ask when hiring a coach or consultant…

  1. Are they an expert in your industry or segment or more of a general life or business coach? Which of these types is best suited for your needs
  2. Have they helped others in your industry reach their goals?  What is their track record?
  3. Are you priority?  How many clients do they have compared to the number of staff? Are they invested in your success?
  4. How big is the consulting firm?
  5. Is it a turn-key approach to reaching your goals or are you responsible for keeping the process moving?  
  6. Is the fee schedule based on deliverables? Can you opt out if deliverables aren’t met?
  7. Is the coach or their support staff easy to access/get in touch with? If you are on a monthly retainer, you will want more access to them.
  8. Is their strategy proposal diverse?? Do they have expertise in each area you want to improve on?
  9. You get what you pay for. Is it too cheap or too good to be true? If you think so, it probably is.  You want to be invested and you want them to be also.
  10. Did they present a detailed proposal with deadlines, goals, objectives, and proposed ROI for your investment?
  11. Do your personalities fit? Do you trust them? Do you get a good feeling?
  12. How did you find them? Referral? Google? Phone book? Saw their name on another successful designer/industry site?

I thought this would also be a good time to remind you about my coaching and consulting services. We have year 2 of our Mastermind Classes kicking off in just a few weeks. We have accomplished so much with our current group over the last year! You can see more details on how our classes work here.


And most importanly, here are the topics I will be covering this year with our Mastermind members. Our 3 on-site sessions at my studio will cover these important topics…

  • Designing your Services for the “New Economy”–Breakthrough Business Models for a rock-solid future in Design
  • Gaining Exposure, Casting a Bigger Net, and Building your List to reach more ideal clients and become more profitable.
  • Understanding your Finances and Budgeting for Cash Flow

And one of my favorite new features of Mastermind Class this year are the monthly members only tele-calls.  Topics for those calls include (but not necessarily in this order):

1. Creating new Income streams for increased cash flow
2. Getting Published
3. Hiring, Staffing, and When to grow
4. Defining and Re-defining your ideal clients
5. Creating and Maintaining White Glove Service
6. Taking your Presentation Techniques to the next level
7. Building a Dynamic brand so your services sell themselves
8. The Social Media Millionaire:Using Social Media to become a million-dollar company
9. Building Systems and Infrastructure so your business won’t fail
10. Applying the 10x rule to Interior Design
11. Niche your way to a successful business
12. Becoming a Media maven: Training for success on video, TV and radio

Want more information on how to join our Mastermind Group this year? We want to help you achieve your goals. Leave a comment here or email us at for more information.

Our first on-site class for 2012 is Wednesday, February 1, at my studio and gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Hope you will join us! 


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