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I’ll be bringing you the BIG reveal I’ve promised a little bit later…

But I also want to be sure to tell you about an exciting virtual design opportunity! Whether you’re a professional designer or just a design lover, if design is a passion of yours, you should definitely try your hand at creating your dream home! These days there are LOTS of fun ways to go from inspiration to room design vision!

I’ve been asked to judge an Olioboard contest for Layla Grayce–Design Your Dream Dining Room–and I can’t wait to see what all of you creative minds come up with! It’s part of their great series called “Express Your Style,” and there’s already been lots of showstopping room designs in the series. Want to see the winners so far?

Design Your Dream Bedroom: Judged by Crystal Gentilello of Rue

Sleeping on a Cloud by Cre8


Design Your Dream Living Room: Judged by Jonanthan Adler

Concrete diggs by ModDesignGuru


Design Your Dream Nursery: Judged by Molly Sims

Duc Duc Goose by Laura


See what fun these contests are? What an inspiring way to think about creating a home that expresses your style, functions for your lifestyle, and makes you feel perfectly comfortable.

Dining Rooms are fun to design, because they are the place where you’ll really roll out the red carpet for your guests. You can showcase your favorite serving pieces, linens, and tabletop decor and–at the same time–bring all the VIPs in your life closer together.

So I want you to go Design Your Dream Dining Room over at they Layla Grayce website! And enjoy browsing the other great ideas others have posted.




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