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Scot Meacham Wood is not only a dear friend of mine, he’s the king of plaid! He shares his latest projects and finds on his popular blog, Tartan Scot. Today, I’m fortunate to have him here to share some of the best advice he’s ever received… xo, Tobi

This best piece of advice I’ve ever received came from Roger Banks-Pye, who said…

“Always make a dark room darker. You can paint a dark room white, but it will still be dark…give it atmosphere with deep intense colour that works well in artificial light.”

 I found this quote in an old Roger Banks-Pye book – and I’ve always loved it. So many of our homes here in San Francisco have these tiny, dark little spaces. It’s true — it’s always better to embrace the darkness and make something spectacular. The rooms shown here are just a few of the ways I’ve used this philosophy in my own design.


Want to see more of my favorite deep, dark rooms? Check out this Pinterest board.

When in doubt, go dark!

-Scot Meacham Wood








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8 Responses to Expert Advice: Scot Meacham Wood

  1. One of the first rooms that truly made an impact on me was a rich chocolate brown bathroom at a friend’s house. It was the 70s, so the bathtub was a dark color too. The whole room seemed to exotic, and so restful and private, and I remember thinking it was the perfect feel for a bathroom. I think that is the power of dark rooms – they can not only be beautiful, but can also elicit an emotional response. I think dark rooms need to be created with an expert eye, though!

    – Holly

  2. Iván Meade says:

    Great piece of advise! And great examples to support it.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love Scott and reading the adventures of tartan Scott!

    Love the idea of a dark room.

    Have a great week, Elizabeth

  4. Bianca says:

    The concept is new to me, “Always make a dark room darker…” now this got my interest. I’ll plan a project for this one, thanks for the idea guys.

  5. Tobi, I LOVE the dark rooms shown in this post, but it also about the lights, brights and shiny that counterbalance the darks, and it is those elements which give life and visual interest to the spaces.

  6. Franki Parde says:

    Beautiful images!! franki

  7. I love this piece of advice! Scott is awesome!

  8. Great advice and photos, Scot. People are always trying to make their rooms look bigger. I prefer a cozy jewel box of a room!