Designer Mailbag: The Big Reveal with Modern Chic Home

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And the winner is……Annie from Chicago!!

Annie wrote, “I want to move towards the boldness and color you so masterfully deploy in your interiors, but I can’t get out of my mid-century rut.  I’ve also sunk a lot of money into my furniture so that makes me dig in my heels even more!  I live in a former garment factory in Chicago, and I’ve made the mistake of going way overboard on the mid-century furniture.  As you can tell from the photos, the living and dining rooms are combined.  You enter right through the kitchen (entry is by the concrete column…) so I have no real entryway to speak of.  I’m concerned that my living and dining area is starting to look like a time-warp…”

Thank you, Annie for the great entry!!  These are common dilemmas for many people–how to add color and how to work with existing furniture that has a distinct style.

Let’s take a look at your space!

BEFORE: Entry / Living Area

First off, tulip tables are hot right now!! And, you’ve already got a great start with the console table to create a focal point.  I think spicing up this place will be a cinch! Let’s start by adding a few accessories:

For the table, add this Jonathan Adler Large Pinch Bowl to pop in a fresh shade of pool blue!  It goes great with the navy chair seat cushions!

Now, let’s arrange some interesting books on the console in a couple of small stacks. The spines of the books can add just a hint of color, too!

On one stack of books, pop in some more color like this  Coral Roses Arrangement from NDI!! It’s a great way to mix in a little bit of color!

Above the console, let’s rearrange your artwork like a gallery wall!  Here is an idea I saw on Pinterest the other day that may help!

Now, for the surprise… You are the lucky winner of a pair of  Clarendon Chevron Lamps from Modern Chic Home!! Place these beauties on the ends of the console and the blue will tie in with the upholstered seats of your chairs!!

Now, you’re thinking, what would all of this look like if I did it?  Maybe this will help:

**If you’re brave enough to do it, maybe paint the chairs white, leaving the chrome and blue upholstery!  It adds an updated look to them  very easily!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Designer Mailbag reveal! I’ll be accepting entries for a new project soon, so stay tuned!



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4 Responses to Designer Mailbag: The Big Reveal with Modern Chic Home

  1. Franki Parde says:

    WOW!!! What a transition!!! franki

  2. Annie says:

    WOW!!!! I am so thrilled! Thank you, Tobi, Tiffany, and Brittany, and Modern Chic Home! There are’t enough exclamation marks to express how thrilled I am!!!!!

  3. kim hoegger says:

    What a smart look with just a few simple changes! Annie will love it! I would LOVE to see what rug you might suggest with that style and room layout? You do amazing things with rugs Tobi, they always make me smile 🙂

  4. Noon Designs says:

    Wow , what a transformation !? exchanging and adding
    few new colourful objects can change the look of the place !

    Amazing !