Designer Mailbag Reveal with Dunes and Duchess!

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It’s time for another Designer Mailbag reveal! This month’s lucky winner is…drum roll, please…Betsy from Lake Forest, Illinois!!

Here’s a bit of what Betsy had to say in her entry letter:

Dear Tobi,

One of our favorite rooms and the most unique in our home is a conservatory that overlooks our backyard. Sadly I have been at a loss for how to decorate it and have just used a collection of things we already had and it looks tired and uninspiring! We want to be able to use this room as the heart of our summer entertaining as well as have a quiet place to sit and read and enjoy the view of the backyard. I am a huge fan of your work and would love to see what you’d envision for this space!

Yours sincerely, Betsy S.; Lake Forest, IL

Thanks so much for your entry Betsy! Let’s take a look at your space…

BEFORE: Sunroom

Since you mention that this room looks out in to your backyard, I think using a similar “natural” color scheme of blue and greens will make it feel like two spaces that flow together. This palette can also help to freshen up this much loved sunroom that you refer to as “tired and uninspiring.”

AFTER: Inspiration Rendering for Updates

Pretty dramatic change, right??

One of the easiest (and often most affordable!) ways to update a room is by painting it. You can inject new life into this room simply by painting the brick walls with Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008. While you’re at it, go ahead and paint the end table in the same color to coordinate.

Then, add a pop of fresh color to the neutral background by painting your coffee table in Sherwin Williams Meander Blue 6484. Isn’t that a fabulous color? It reminds me of a wide open sky!

Next, I would continue this theme with an indoor/outdoor rug in a similar color scheme. This “Sidebar” rug from Dash and Albert is a great fit!

To refresh your sofa add a few Regatta Wave Pillows from my home collection.

I also love the idea of hanging a mirror on the back wall to pull the space together and offer a focal point. Try this Currey & Company EOS Mirror from Candelabra.

Naturally, you’ll need a few accessories for your newly painted coffee table. I suggest bringing in a bit of the beach with a large shell (Oly Studio Lombok Ornament from Candelabra). If the beach is not your thing, you can always add a sculpture that’s reflective or your style or perhaps another place you love.

I also always like to accessorize a coffee table with my favorite stack of books to complement the room in theme content and color! Go to, browse their thousands of coffee table book titles and find the stack that’s right for you and your new space!

FINALLY, the big surprise for you is from this month’s sponsor, Dunes and Duchess. It’s a must-have finishing touch for this new space —  a fabulous Turned Lamp!!!

I know this lamp is going to look great with your room’s new palette and will give you extra light for lounging and reading books at night!

Special thanks to Dunes and Duchess for sponsoring this month’s Designer Mailbag and for giving Betsy this gorgeous lamp to get her makeover moving!

Stay tuned for our next Designer Mailbag call for submissions!
xo, Tobi

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3 Responses to Designer Mailbag Reveal with Dunes and Duchess!

  1. Franki Parde says:

    Ah maz ing!! This won’t cost a fortune either!!! franki

  2. Betsy says:

    Thank you so so much, Tobi and Dunes and Duchess! I am so delighted to have won – I can’t believe what a transformation can be made by changing a few simple things. Ready to get painting! 🙂

  3. jaym says:

    Please dont paint those amazing brick walls!! People pay a fortune to have used brick walls and you and lucky enough to have them!! And I think I see black steel windows up top – you are so lucky! Why not embrace the old world feel of your space rather than work against it. Dont make it into a trendy modern space, make it warm and cozy escape respecting the architectual elements you already have…