Day 22: Bringing the Outdoors Inside

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February is quickly coming to a close. You know what that means…spring is just around the corner!

For me spring means the smell of fresh blades of grass…


the beauty of flowers in bloom…

and the thrill of planting a garden!


Because I love spring and everything that comes along with it, I try to bring these sensory experiences into my home and my design projects, so they can be enjoyed year-round.

View my Pinterest board, Glorious Gardens, for more of my favorite outdoor inspirations.



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2 Responses to Day 22: Bringing the Outdoors Inside

  1. Yes 29 days of love ending soon, and starting over with the spring coming along with a blossoming nature and beautiful flowers surrounding us, love is even more exciting!!!

  2. There’s nothing like the smell of air on a fresh spring day… It feels like it’s going to come early here in New England. Yesterday, I took a brief tour of our yard (with thoughts of spring cleaning dancing in my head…) and found Snow Drops and our little yellow Aconites in bloom, Daphne bush buds were opening and Daffodils were poking up out of the ground. All around me, Cardinals and and Mourning Doves were in spring song mode.