Bring the Seaside Inside: Beachy Interior Design

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I’m so glad to be back on the blog today! Just as I expected, the past week has been a real whirlwind, and the fast-paced fun is not over yet! Yesterday, I put finishing touches on a client’s fabulous cabana and poolside living area. And next week I’m installing a fun and funky family home!

During my brief hiatus, I realized how much I rely on this blog–and on my interactions with you, my bright and lively readers–for a sense of rhythm and routine throughout the week.

I’m also catching-up on news in the virtual world. One hot topic this week seems to be creating balance before the holiday rush. Autumn is such a gorgeous and exciting season, but each year it seems to get more hectic! I recently had a reader write to me all in a fluster about how to restore the peace of summer vacation to her busy, cluttered kitchen now that school is back in-session and kids are constantly in-and-out. So I offered her some mom-to-mom advice in my Color Confidential column on At Home in Arkansas.

As I thought about my answer to her question, I realized that in a few of my projects I have included aquatic colors and themes to create a seaside, relaxed vibe. Though I can’t say exactly why (the beach is one of my happy places!), I think it must have something to do with finding calm, relaxing rhythms in the midst of constant change and activity. And if you can bring that vacation bliss into your home, you enjoy it year-round! Have a look at these other examples from my work:

Here, I chose a bold, painted stripe for the hardwood floor, along with a glossy back-splash in aqua penny tile.

The tiled mosaics in this master bathroom give the impression of swimming with sea creatures!

This sunroom is bright and beachy; it features fabrics from my Tobi Fairley Home line.

The mirrored wall and cabinet doors give the sense of depth and reflection, perfect alongside framed prints of starfish.

Bright red can be beachy, too!

After all this beach talk, I’m beginning to unwind from my busy week. Now, go check out my advice on At Home in Arkansas’ blog for more ideas on how to infuse your interiors with seaside serenity and combat clutter.

More soon.





p. s. Designer MBA Camp and Design A to Z are just around the corner! Visit the Camp Tobi Fairley blog for the latest in announcements and promotions for this Fall’s lineup. You might just find something special!

p. p. s. Go, Razorbacks!

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6 Responses to Bring the Seaside Inside: Beachy Interior Design

  1. Katherine says:

    I love your beach theme designs. I really like the framed prints of starfish. Any suggestions on where I could purchase the prints.

  2. cheryl says:

    Where/how can I purchase the starfish prints you show on your website? I have scoured the internet in seach of them and came across only one starfish print. Frustrating!!!


  3. Kathy Kane says:

    Would be very interested in purchasing Starfish Prints. Are they for sale anywhere online?? Or anywhere for that matter??

    Please let me know


  4. cheryl says:

    Just checking once again in the hopes you can tell me where I can possibly purchase these starfish prints Tobi has infused into one of her past beach designs? I have exhausted all options as I have been scouring the internet and so have my internet saavy friends. We think we are on to something and then realize it is a dead end. HELP!!!!! Cheryl

  5. Tobi says:

    Since Tobi is on vacation, I’ll give my best guess (this is Ashley). I bet they are either from Soicher-Marin OR from Natural Curiosities. Good luck!

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