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Q: Hi Tobi, I love the color you always manage to incorporate in your projects. I would like to bring some color into my home, but need to start small and be mindful of my budget. Do you have any suggestions for ways I could do this?

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Chrissy; Nashville, TN

A: Hi Chrissy! Thanks for writing in to the blog. This is such a great question, because so many people want to either add color or just freshen their rooms without spending a fortune. One great way to do this is with accessories.

There are tons of great accessory and home furnishing stores to try. I often shop online and have found that Shop Ten 25 has a great selection of accessories and art to spice up any room.

Here are a few of their latest trends that I’m loving:

I could see these blue glass vases brightening a coffee table or a bookcase. And you will be right on trend selecting this hobnail pattern reminiscent of great antique milkglass.

If you have an ottoman, make it serve two purposes by adding a lacquered tray, like the one shown here. Allowing your bench to serve as a side table will give you added function and incorporating these great shades of yellow and peacock blue will give your room that perfect pop of color it needs.

Changing out or adding a piece of art is also one of the best ways to update any space and infuse a little color. Choosing an abstract piece, like this one from Texas-based artist Mary Lee, can set the tone for bringing in other accessories in these lovely shades of aqua and chartreuse. It might just be that perfect jumping off point to define your room’s style.

I hope these three ideas have been helpful and that you will find just what you need for your space!  Don’t miss all the other great finds at Shop Ten 25. Thanks again for writing to us!




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  1. Franki Parde says:

    Your “sources” suggestions are just wonderful. THANKS! franki