A Change is Coming…

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I feel change coming.  It’s not just the leaves falling and the sun going down earlier each night. This is REAL change.

Change is happening Today! I feel it in my gut and in my soul. When I have this sort of change brewing in me, it presents itself as a form of anxiety, unrest, excitement, and opportunity all at the same time. It is a strange contrast of emotions; a dichotomy, really.

It is happy and scary and melancholy and anticipation all at once and that’s sometimes a hard mix of emotions to figure out. And sometimes, I don’t think I am even supposed to figure them out. And as I become more and more aware of what happens to me and inside me each time change is around the corner, I learn how to go with it…just ride the wave of change and see where it takes me. Don’t fear it. Don’t fight it. Just observe it. And if possible, enjoy it.

But in the midst of it all, I feel a bit uncomfortable. I can’t really describe it, but it’s sort like the Sunday Afternoon blues. I can’t really relax but I can’t really take action. Not quite yet.  And though I pride myself on learning to happily live outside my comfort zone, to comfortably take risks, I am learning that sometimes THIS is what living outside my comfort zone feels like. So I am learning that though it doesn’t feel like anything that I would typically call good, it’s best to embrace it as a positive. To observe it even more than I have done before and watch the change happen and learn from it.

Change is coming. But, there is work to be done first.  Self work. And that’s the hardest kind.

I know my body, my mind, my heart, the Universe and God are all telling me to listen and pay attention. To take cues and be ready.  The time for a change is coming and for me when it starts, it won’t be long until I take action in a new direction. It has started. I can feel it.

My heart is telling me that this time, change isn’t going to be a 180 degree turn, but instead just more concentrated and intentional focus in a direction I have already been moving towards over the last 18 months. It is more of a “Veer” than a U-turn this time.

My gut is telling me to let more things go that aren’t making me happy (really happy) or serving me or my family. Just stop doing them. Completely. For good. Period.

And my mind is telling me that if some of the things I have been doing feel REALLY good and REALLY right, then do more of them and less of everything else. Have the guts to JUST do what I want and what feels right and what makes me happy.

And my soul is telling me that if some choices and decisions are making me happy in some parts of my life and are inspiring me to be better in those areas, and are helping me to inspire others, then bring those same choices and decisions to ALL parts of my life so that I can be inspired and motivated in all I do. And can inspire others ALL the time.

So a change is coming. And soon when it is over, you all may not notice from the outside that I am very different from what you see in me right now.  But once it is all said and done, I have a strong feeling, an intuition, that it’s going to be a big one for me internally.  Another mental shift. Another life “maker” or moment that I look back on as a big step towards my purpose in life.

How about you…are you in a season of change? Tell me about it. Maybe we can go through it together.

xo, Tobi

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12 Responses to A Change is Coming…

  1. Wow, what a powerful read. I admire you recognizing that sort of sixth sense of change. Being that I started a new business this year, I feel I can not recognize that sense until it is heighten by the actual change. I pray one day to breath in this wisdom and learn to trust and let go. This blog post is all about recognizing wisdom.

  2. Lauren says:

    You are an inspiration. Come 2013 I am quitting my job in finance to explore the possibilities of a career in design. It’s absolutely terrifying to give up the comfort of a 9-5 but I’m sick and tired of feeling lifeless and uninspired. I want to live a live of passion where I wake up every morning and do something that feeds my soul, not something that just fills my bank account. Thank you for going through this journey publicly, it’s nice to know someone else is out there going through the same emotions I am. Wishing you luck and blessing as you take your next step.

  3. Karen T. says:

    WOW!!! Sounds like you’ve been reading my mail! What a beautiful post on so many levels! Thanks!

  4. Texas Francophile says:

    U are truly inspiring. Yessss to change! Am slightly directionless. LOL. Just completed a long siege of elder care (not in my home) and I’m ready for fresh starts. Hub is following his dream, with no incumberances it’s time 4 ME! Won’t miss one of your posts. XOXO

  5. Liz Carroll says:

    Wow Tobi! I know change in you always results in big outcomes. I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way as you go through this shift. xoxo

  6. Franki Parde says:

    What IS this “intuition” women are…born with?!? You WILL know…but…when? We are “with” you! franki

  7. Judith Presgrove says:

    Tobi, thank you again for being so generous and sharing your life and thoughts with everyone. Your post is so timely for me. I have and am going through major changes in my life and I know it will remain that way for awhile. Among your other attributes, you are an inspiring life coach!

  8. Thank God I am not the only one sensing a change is coming within that will result in great change on the outside! Three weeks ago I decided to step back from many activities for the remainder of 2012 in order to discover what is serving me well and adding value to my life and what is just taking up space. Slowly I am letting go of what no longer matters or just causes mental and emotional chaos. I am discovering what feeds my soul and what needs to change, what brings me joy and what else I can let go of. I am learning to give myself permission to enjoy who I am, choosing to stop defending and proving myself to others and breathing. I am going slowly so that I can enjoy this entire process of excitement, anxiety, wonder and mourning.

    I look forward to hearing about your journey and will gladly walk alongside you and other women who are learning to embrace who they are and are becoming.


  9. diane says:

    Change can be exciting and/or scary but one thing is for sure and that is that things will always change. But I feel like I have had enough change this past year with selling my home, moving back into the first home we ever owned together that had been a rental, living here during the remodel (never again!)truly becoming an empty nester, husband semi-retiring and moving office into home all since June so I am hoping for no more change for a while. I do hope your changes are not as ominous as they sound and bring you peace and joy. IT has been fun watching your business and brand grow tremendously this past year or two.

  10. Change is a constant in our lives. It has taken me years to learn how to be comfortable with the discomfort/anxiety/excitement/joy change can bring. You describe the state of mind beautifully, Tobi. Focusing on what stirs your passion, doing what you do well, letting go of the rest of it. Wonderful and courageous!!!

    Sally and I went thru a rite of passage this summer. Our 26 year old son is now married. I performed the ceremony. (If you ever have an opportunity to do so, DO IT!!!!) Our relationship with Drew will now always be different, yet he will always be our little boy. And we are so very, very proud of the young man he has become.

    Our business is changing. Technology continues to move forward. With projects ranging farther and farther afield, we are learning how to become more virtual. Learning how to adapt to the pace at which projects move and client expectations in this new economy. We are learning that “old
    dogs” can learn new tricks… and find delight in that our “old” skills such as emotional hand drawn sketches and renderings are still tools which clients value greatly. We have stopped trying to be all things to all people. We are who we are.

    Sally and I look forward to learning how your ship’s course will veer. May the North Star shine brightly for you and the wind’s breeze be gentle in your sails.


  11. “My gut is telling me to let more things go that aren’t making me happy (really happy) or serving me or my family. Just stop doing them. Completely. For good. Period.”


  12. Annie MD says:

    Thank you Tobi, for your inspiration and support of all of us! You make life so beautiful, I cannot thank you enough. You deserve everything you have. Have a great vacation and I look forward to following your changes!