What’s Inspiring TFID?

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The foundation of design is what inspires us.  Whether you get it from the environment, magazines or fashion, we all are inspired in different ways…

Now, there’s a new kid on the block–Pinterest

If you haven’t been introduced to Pinterest yet, please allow me and my team to do the honors and give you a little taste of what is inspiring us these days using this fantastic website!! 



“Fall always brings out my inner flower child!  It makes me want to sit by a fire, wear lots of jewelry and throw tapestries over everything.  Lately I’ve found myself inspired by fashion and interiors that display rich jewel tones and mix-matched patterns.  Spaces that look comfortable and eclectic are the most captivating to me.”

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 “Everything Black, Navy and Gold has my full attention lately!!  I am inspired by it all: interiors, fashion, weddings–you name it!  It could be as simple as a man’s watch to a bold graphic wallpaper.  This classic palette has a charm and simplicity to it.  Very chic & sophisticated.  Timeless.”

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“Coming from a theater background, I naturally have a flare for the dramatics.  By the looks of my design inspirations, so do my coveted interiors!  But, I also love the crisp and clean-line look as well.  Decisions, decisions!!”

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“I find inspiration in my medley of pictures because it reminds me of what I love and look forward to!  Whether it’s small and consistent like the warm cup of coffee that greets me each morning, or big like my dream of traveling to places I’ve never seen–it all makes me very, very happy.  And happiness, to me, is inspiring.”

To see more of what’s inspiring Kathryn, click here.



“My Pinterest board reflects my Anglo-inspired vision for a gentleman’s library.  I’m rather drawn to rooms similar to those of the Victorian era filled with natural curiosities from around the globe.  Things collected from one’s grand tour.  Updated with a bit of color and modernity, of course.”

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“My Pinterest board is a collection of decor ideas as well as wish lists for future remodeling for my home.  I find a lot of images that help me illustrate what my dream home looks like!  Pinboards are also a great way to follow what inspires others!”

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“Weddings fill me with such inspiration!  The colors used in the different table settings are inspiring for paint colors for a room.  The dark purple flowers and sea foam colored plates & cups are a great combination as well.  A neutral room with pops of these colors would be so pretty!  The cakes are also very inspiring–the detailing on each one is so pretty and very subtle.”

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“Sometimes inspiration is found closer to home.  For me, it’s my vibrant, bold, energetic and passionate daughter.  What better inspiration could I ask for?!  I have really cherished the quality time spent browsing through hundreds of ideas for crafts, cartoon cupcakes, baby animals and……more cupcakes!!  All on Pinterest.  Yes, my six year old is an Pinner in the making!” 

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I hope you have enjoyed our inspirations and maybe even given you a new tool to collect all of yours! 

Happy Pinning! xoxo


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7 Responses to What’s Inspiring TFID?

  1. I love weddings colors, with such colors in my room every morning will be a happy wedding day!!!

  2. oh my goodness! I’m with you guys! Utterly Utterly addicted to Pinterest. I’ve already had to put myself in 1 week of re-hab (this didn’t help btw). Glad you love it too. I think it’s a mixture of endless great quality photos mixed with collecting. I just love collecting these dreamy pics. Happy Pinning. Martine x

  3. so much eye candy on pinterest, it’s kinda addictive!

  4. maurie says:

    The problem is it is invite only and Ive requested and invite for a long time now…and am
    on a waiting list. If you are a member you can send me an invite…would you please????

  5. maurie says:

    just realized my email is blank…maurie3@gmail.com

  6. Heather says:

    just discovered Pinterest about a month ago and love it! The problem is that it takes up so much time – I keep losing myself in the beautiful images.

  7. kathysue says:

    Tobi! I love love pinterest and must admit it is a bit addictive. I have so much fun pinning away. You can see my boards here when you have time.