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Today we’ve got a great Made in the USA story from Memphis interior designer and my friend Gwen Driscoll.  She’s the writer of the wonderful blog Ragland Hill Social.  Gwen gives us the scoop on one of her favorites (and mine too), Leontine Linens.  And did you see Elle Decor last November?  She designed the home of Jane Scott Hodges, owner of Leontine Linens.  Thanks Gwen for the great post! – Tobi

Proudly Made in the USA:  Leontine Linens

So many of us love Leontine Linens for the beauty, unique and heirloom quality of each and every piece.  What some know and others don’t is that each piece of beauty is created right here in the US in the tiny town of Hardinsburg, Kentucky.

Leontine imports high-quality cotton, linen, cashmere and silk from Italy and elsewhere.  But artisans who create each one-of-a-kind masterpiece stitching every last stitch are right here in the US.  Personally, I think that’s reason enough to purchase a Leontine product, don’t you?

Leontine was founded by Jane Scott Hodges in New Orleans 15 years ago.  Her company has transformed the home goods market by providing heirloom quality goods with wash and dry abilities that suit today’s lifestyle.  A team of 25 skilled artisans go to work as orders are placed, each piece tailor-made to the clients wishes and specifications.

In 2002, Leontine Linens acquired Eleanor Beard Studio, a company located in Hardinsburg, Kentucky, that since 1921, has made couture linens known internationally for superb detail.  Each sewer has an acquired specialty, ranging from cutting to hand-stitching to patternmaking.  Once an order is placed, each task is specially delegated to an artisan based on her specialty.

Leontine products include bedding (quilts, down, coverlets, duvets, shams, sheets, bed skirts), bath (terry towels, linen guest towels, shower curtains), table linens (table cloths, table runners, dinner napkins, placemats, cocktail napkins), accessories (jewelry, make-up, toiletry, travel and boudoir accessories), bed clothes (robes, gowns, pajama sets, nightshirts, quilted bed jackets).

As you can see in these spectacular images, Leontine Linens is chosen time and time again, by the best designers in the US and abroad.

To purchase Leontine Linens, click here to visit their fabulous website.  You can reach the home office in Kentucky by calling 800.876.4799 or email

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7 Responses to Made in the USA: Leontine Linens

  1. Hamptontoes says:

    Beautiful linens for well designed spaces. Their linens always catch my attention!

  2. Bev Wells says:

    Wonderful post Gwen! Totally beautiful products. 

  3. Tara says:

    Love! Love! Love this Post!

  4. FlirtyGems says:

    Wow I need to save my pennies and get some of those fab orange and white sheets!

  5. Oh, if only my clents, or I, could afford them! They are amazing!
    The Treasured Home

  6. pretty pink tulips says:

    I’m such a huge fan of Leontine Linens….my sheets, towels, my son’s coverlet and pillows…all Leontine! And, their products hold up beautifully in addition to being beautiful!

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