Day 8 of things I love…Wool Sateen

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I love the look and feel of wool sateen. Though expensive, this 100% wool fabric with a great hand is my go-to choice when I need a solid to pair with all my favorite prints. I think it is definitely worth the splurge.

Also sometimes referred to as a wool satin instead of sateen, Highland Court makes one of my favorite wool satins. I have used it so many times including on the sofa in my recent Richmond Showhouse project.

Lee Jofa also has a gorgeous wool sateen in some exciting colors that I am especially fond of.

Day #5 of things I love…it’s yummy, cozy, and fabulous wool sateen.

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3 Responses to Day 8 of things I love…Wool Sateen

  1. Wool sateen seems to be durable at the same time very luxurious. Kind of like me 😉

  2. I am with you Toby. The texture of wool is amazing when done in a sateen weave!



  3. Elizabeth Morris says:

    I found a gorgeous wool sateen by beacon hill. It’s very
    Pricey. Wondering if anyone knows of a less expensive one?