Day 4 of things I love…SFERRA Sheets!

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Sleep is not something that I get a lot of.  I’m on the go, go go.  So when I do get to catch some shut eye, I want an experience fit for a queen! 

One way to make that happen is covering your bed in the oh-so-dreamy, 100% Egyptian cotton luxury of SFERRA sheets. 

My little princess even got a set of her own from my dear friend Paul Hooker, president of SFERRA. 

When I told Paul I was having trouble getting Elle to sleep in her own bed, he thought maybe a set of his Celeste would be just the thing to help us out.

They are personalized with her name and in pink especially for her room.  What a sweet, sweet surprise!

Day 4 of things that I love…SFERRA’s sheets.

Since it’s another snow day here, I think I’ll go lay in mine right now. xo, Tobi

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5 Responses to Day 4 of things I love…SFERRA Sheets!

  1. sarah g says:

    SO sweet! love it.

  2. edyta says:

    Yess,, love me some Sferra sheets!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Tami says:

    Hi, Tobi! LOVE the sheets. Especially with the name on them. Perhaps you could tell Paul I have trouble sleeping too…. lol!

  4. The absolute best sheets ever! Like buttah…

  5. Stephanie G. says:

    What thread count?