Day 10 of things I love…Jadeite dishes!

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I cannot help but love the fresh and creamy look of Jadeite dishes.  Whether passed down from a family member, found at my favorite antique shop or picked up on eBay, if I see Jadeite, I have to have it!

Jadeite makes any tablescape look sweet and innocent, but with it’s vintage character and history, it adds a bit of nostalgia and mystic to entertaining.

Jadeite dishes aren’t only for the table.  They can be wonderful wall decor as well.

Day #10 of things I love…Jadiete.

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4 Responses to Day 10 of things I love…Jadeite dishes!

  1. John Kelsey says:

    Tobi, you have an eye for the unique. Yummy! The contrast between the rich deep tomes of the crystal chandelier and the softer tones of the Jadeite and other hues and tints make that room POP!!! The boxed beams bring the ceiling right up to the rest of the room, too!

  2. Julie says:

    LOVE jadeite! It’s become a recent collectible for me. Love love. eBay is my best friend in that department. I find that the local flea markets’ jadeite is really banged up.

    I’m dying at the colors of the dishes with the coral Imperial Trellis!

  3. Pat says:

    Please tell me about the wonderful chandelier in the last photo ! Beautiful and something I have been searching for since a stay in Ireland.


  4. Ginger Madison says:

    Our local legion post has several sets of jadeite (hundred + peices), years ago they served all their meals on them the cabnits are full, we will be making a full inventory the end of the March.