Calling all Designers! Business of Design Conference 2011

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 Business of Design Conference, David Shepherd

For all of you that follow the blog and are in the design business, I need to make sure you know about the Business of Design Conference!  I’ve attended the conference for the past 7 years and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned at each conference.  Each year I return to learn more so that I can take my design business to the next level.  The conference is the brain child of David Shepherd – the absolute expert on how to profitably run a design business.

Two action-packed days with speakers, panel discussions and break out sessions and you will walk away inspired to take your business to the next level.

This year, there is a fantastic group of speakers speacializing in many different areas. Jennifer Aaker, who holds a Ph.D in Psychology and Marketing will teach you about time, money and happiness and will help you answer that question “what really makes you happy?”. 



 Stefan Sagmeister, two-time emmy award winner for graphics design will explain to you how he is able to take one year off of every seven years…I know we would all like to find out how we can make that happen! 



 And if things get a little too intense, we can rely on one of the nations top comediennes, Maureen Langan to lighten things up a bit! This is just a small sampling of those speaking.  Check out the Who? section of the conference website for complete details.

I can honestly tell you that my design business has benefitted tremendously from attending these conferences.  You just can’t afford to not seek advice from business experts in our current economy.  The Business of Design Conference is geared specifically to the interior design industry.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that solid business advice in our industry is hard to come by.  That’s why I find it absolutely essential to the growth of my own business to attend each year!

At last year’s conference, I was privileged to have the opportunity to give the keynote on  How to Create a Celebrity Brand Through Social Media “Leapfrogging” . 

Business of Design Conference, Tobi Fairley

Here I am pictured with designer friends I have met through the years at BOD and I can’t wait to see them twice a year at BOD. Getting to meet so many wonderful peers and sharing ideas is a life changing experience. 

Early bird registration by May 31st will save you hundreds of dollars.  Be sure to head over to the Business of Design Conference website today and check out all the details for this year’s event in New York City.  Get ready to start Designing Happiness for yourself!

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  1. It was so nice meeting you at Blogfest!! This is just what I need as a new designer, and I can’t wait to attend 🙂