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Dear Tobi,
I love your decorating style!  I’ve have a newer home and the family room has VERY tall ceilings.  How do I take advantage of that height?  Right now everything seems low to the floor.  Please help! 
Margaret, The Woodlands, TX


Hi Margaret and thanks for emailing your question! So many people struggle with this in newer homes.  Ceilings soar to the roof and create all new decorating challenges.  I tackled those challenges in the room below.

Here are a few tips:

  • Stack prints to create vertical drama.
  • Allow your draperies to take advantage of all that height!
  • A fireplace with an overmantle is a great way to use all of that height.
  • And remember, keep things interesting down at your level too.  You don’t want to feel overpowered and uncomfortable in the space.

I hope that you can incorporate some of these ideas in your home!

Happy decorating,


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