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Q: Tobi, I loved your list of non-goals last year. Is this something you will be practicing again? It was so inspiring.  Thanks for bringing me inspiration all year long! Happy New Year.   Amanda, New York, New York


A: Thanks Amanda.  I, too, loved my non-goals post last year.  I got the idea from this creative blogger and it turned out to be so inspirational to so many people. And the answer is yes, I am excited to create my non-goals for this year too.  Thanks so much to you and everyone for reading my blog this year.  It means so much that I can be an inspiration to you all. Without further adieu, let’s get to those non-goals… 

 Non-goals are those habits or practices that you have that are great.  They are the things you love about you. You’ve already mastered them and would hate to change them. They are the things about yourself you should celebrate and if you are accomplishing your goals each year, then your list of non-goals should also be growing.

Last year was my first acknowledgment of my non-goals.  And I loved them so much, I think they are worth re-reading if you missed them. But now that I am a pro at them, I wanted to take it a step further and build my non-goals around my strengths.

Fortunately, I have just been reading that great book Strength Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath. The premise is that the world is really focused on our shortcomings and makes us think we should fix all our weaknesses. But instead shouldn’t we just be focusing more time on our strengths? those things that we do well? Our A-game? And not wasting a minute on those things that aren’t?

Well now that I know now what my top 5 strengths are: Activator, Achiever, Futuristic, Maximizer, and Significance, I think I’ll focus on really cashing in on them next year.  So I thought it would be fun to write my non-goals around my strengths and then maybe it would help me focus on my plan to make the most out of these traits of mine all next year.

 And if this is your first attempt at writing non-goals, your strength finders report will give you a cheat-sheet of sorts so you can take what they tell you about yourself and just put it into a fun and energetic voice.

So here they are, my Strength Finder 2.0 non-goals for 2012…

1. Activator–Tobi, you have a knack for making decisions quickly and putting them into action. While most people are still trying to figure out what they should do, you are already 10 steps on your way. Keep it up, my friend and your 2012 year in review will be even more impressive than 2011.


2. Achiever–Hard Work is your middle name, my dear. You never shy away from doing whatever it takes to realize your goals and dreams. And short-cuts aren’t even an option. Your mama always said anything worth doing is worth doing well. Your mantra is the 3 P’s…Persistence, Perseverance, and Positive Attitude and if you keep these up, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

3. Futuristic–Well Miss Big Thinker, you are inspired and motivated by your thoughts of the future. You spend so much time planning for all the things you will achieve in the coming weeks, months, and years, there’s no wonder you actually make them happen! There’s nothing you like better than brainstorming with your progressive thinking friends. Well, don’t stop now. You know how the saying goes…you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with most, so keep spending time with those cutting-edge peeps and you won’t just be wishing upon a star, you’ll be holding them in your hands!

4. Maximizer–Hello, Rainmaker! You are really skilled at taking things from good to great! You regularly generate more big ideas than others and you have a gift for finding the right words and stories to express your view points and emotions. Surrounding yourself with supportive people is your habit and distancing yourself from those not-so-supportive ones is too.  These practices will ensure you keep your eye on the ball and before long those chunks of coal with be shining like diamonds!

5. Significance–You have a reputation for wanting to succeed, be noticed, and make a good impression on others…what’s wrong with that?  You are driven to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Keep it up, lady because in the design and blog world’s, setting yourself apart is what really pays off! And don’t stop embracing those people in the world who are different from the crowd. You all bring out the best in one another and it shows!

So there you have it! My non-goals for 2012 based on all the things I learned about myself in Tom Rath’s great book! I always knew I had these traits, but there is something so validating about hearing them written in such positive ways.

 If you haven’t taken the Strength Finders quiz, now would be a great time to do so.  There is a code in the back of the book and you go on line for the assessment.  I purchased the book on my iPad through my Kindel app so the code was emailed to me through . The best news about that is that you can get it even at midnight, right from the comfort of your easy chair like I did.

Starting the New Year with a whole new awareness of what your strengths are could help you make better choices all next year. And instead of spending loads of time trying to get better at things that don’t come naturally to you, why not spend all your efforts on enhancing those gifts you already possess?!?! Instead of trying to go from bad to good, why not choose good to great!

Happy New Year and Good Luck becoming of better version of Y-O-U! You are already fabulous and I look forward to getting even better with you all 12 months of 2012.

See you there! xoxo, Tobi


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7 Responses to Ask Tobi

  1. Love your non-goals! What a great idea!

  2. Wow! I LOVE this and I am off to get this book on my Nook right now! This was perfect timing, Tobi, I feel like I clicked on your email solely because someone was trying to tell me something! Thank you. And have a great, successful New Year. Carol Beck

  3. lissy parker says:

    I love the positive thinking! Keep up the great work and have a Happy New Year!

  4. jobeth says:

    Tobi –
    Love the Strength Finder. I’ve used it for years to keep my personal mission in line. It is also a fabulous tool to use when I lead/ create teams. It’s fun to see the similarities and differences between folks. (You and I have several that are the same!) I whole heartedly agree with his approach to build on our strengths. It is how God uniquely designed us to serve. I’m sure you’ll achieve even greater things in 2012. That is, after all, your strength. 🙂
    Happy New Year

  5. Franki Parde says:

    Really my philosophy…you (usually) have a choice…be HAPPY or not, etc…franki

  6. Tobi says:

    Lisa, Carol, Lissy, Jo Beth, and Franki, I am so glad you all loved my non-goals and I appreciate your lovely comments. It is so important for us all to celebrate our accomplishments and our strengths. It is something that I don’t do near enough. Thank you all so much for your love and support. Happy 2012! I think it’s going to be a great year for us all. xoxo, Tobi

  7. Kathy says:

    Love all of these