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Mark your calendars! This week we are counting down to my first ever Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane. This Saturday morning, July 9th, I’ll be having a great sale including furniture, accessories, art and lighting. The bargains start at 8am PT so grab your morning coffee and get ready to shop this weekend!

Today we’re visited by the wonderful Scot Meacham Wood from the popular design blog The Adventures of Tartanscot. Scot recently had a fabulous Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane too. Through social media, Scot has become a great friend of mine and I enjoy following his blog! It’s always fun seeing him at industry events and I’m super excited to have him here on my blog today. -Tobi

Tartanscot at the Lobster Roll Restaurant in Amagansett, New York.


It’s always such a pleasure to be invited over to Tobi’s blog – but, when Tobi asked me to contribute to her blog, I was a tiny bit concerned when she said the theme for the series of posts was to be ‘America.’ I had to giggle. You see, when I was in high school and writing my term paper for senior year, our teacher strongly warned us against picking a topic that would be too broad. She said, “If you’re not careful, you’ll be writing a paper about America – and it will be thousands of pages long!

Bridgehampton, New York, 2010
photo: Scot Meacham Wood

East Hampton, New York, 2010
photo: Scot Meacham Wood

Firstly, let me assure you that this posting won’t be more than you can read at one sitting. I’ve narrowed things down a little bit. You see, between the upcoming national holidays – and a little trip to England I’m putting together for the fall – I sort of have ‘holidays’ on my mind today.

SMW Design, East Hampton, New York

And I’m fascinated by those specifically American holidays. Memorial Day. Labor Day. 4th of July. Thanksgiving. Celebrations that are wrapped in a particular American-ness. Those holidays draped in red, white, and blue bunting. Marching bands. Flags waving in the afternoon breeze. Children pulling Red Flyer wagons in parades down Main Street. Homemade ice cream. Cooking on the grill.

Montauk, New York
Photo: Scot Meacham Wood

I’ve also had the great opportunity to work on vacation homes for several clients. Homes specifically designed to “celebrate.” Comfortable but, sturdy textiles. Family friendly floor coverings. Blankets scattered about – at hand to keep away the evening’s chill. Large rooms to gather – but, also smaller areas, tucked away for privacy – as are usually needed when large family gatherings are involved – lol.

SMW Design, East Hampton, New York


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6 Responses to Holidays with Tartanscot

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    Love, love, love this post! Scott…seeing you in one of my favorite places just makes me smile! The Hamptons to me are all about all-American fun, farm stands, beach, hanging out with friends.

    You’ve totally captured Americana…and I can’t seem to get enough!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. Carol@SofasandSage says:

    I’m such a fan of both your blogs. Americans have such a wonderful way of celebrating holidays and Scott always captures them so beautifully. I love the image of the pink bike. It’s summer nostalgia! Great post. Happy summer!

  3. Brooke says:

    Love the last photo, Scot! Thanks for hopping on over to our blog. xoxo

  4. Diane Dyhan says:

    I can’t wait to see what items you’ve selected for Saturday morning! Just happened to see One Kings Lane last night on Million Dollar Decorators. The best tip was the introduction to One Kings Lane which I’ve heard right here on your blog. I would love to SEE more decorating on that show and less reality television. Thank you for sharing all of your talents and projects with us readers and for your very positive and uplifting energy!!!

  5. Franki Parde says:

    I’ve “followed” Scott’s blog for some time…he really does give “THE BEST PARTIES!!” His photos are “snapshots of the mind.” franki

  6. Love Scott’s blog & love him, and I do adore those lobster rolls! Looking forward to your sale on One Kings! Good Luck!