Weekend “Secret Mission” with the kids…

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My daughter and I often have special mommy-daughter time together at home either at night or on the weekends throughout the year. And just to make each of these occassions seem super-duper special to her, I always call it a “secret mission”.

We have a special routine, menu and activities for these little “secret missions” and it varies just a bit depending on the occasion or time of year. Our secret missions are all about treating ourselves with our very favorite things and sharing them together.

Here are our musts for each secret mission:

1. Our favorite movies with popcorn

 2. soft drink of choice

3.Our PJ’s

4. Cookies and candy

5. Kid-friendly games

For our holiday secret missions that start the day after thanksgiving, we add a few special details to the mission…

A “pallet” of quilts on the floor in front of the fire

A warm dinner before we eat all those sweets. Our favorite? Homemade Chili-mac

Hot Cocoa with fluffy marshmallows

And a holiday flair to our movies, PJ’s, candy, cookies and games.

I hope you will create a Secret Mission with your kids. I promise it will be one of their favorite childhood memories that they will pass down to their kids. 

Now I am off to gather the final details for our Holiday Secret Mission that happens tonight. Shhhhhh!!!! My Niece is visiting so we are especially excited about our top-secret event!


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One Response to Weekend “Secret Mission” with the kids…

  1. quintessence says:

    How adorable! Lucky daughter that she has such a creative and thoughtful mom – have fun!